Spiritual Light | Osho: What is meditation?

Meditation is a state of no-mind (no-mind). Meditation is a state of pure consciousness without content. Usually your consciousness is too full of debris, just like a mirror covered with dust. The mind is a constant traffic—thoughts are moving, desires are moving, memories are moving, ambitions are moving—it is a constant traffic!

No matter day or night, even when you are sleeping, the mind is working, it is dreaming, it is still thinking, it is still troubled and anxious, it is preparing for tomorrow, a secret preparation is going on. With.

This is the state without meditation; its opposite is meditation. When there is no traffic in the mind, when thoughts stop, when there are no thoughts moving, no desires stirring, and you are completely peaceful, that tranquility is meditation. In that silence truth is known, it is never known in any other state. Meditation is a mindless state.

You cannot find meditation through the mind, because the mind continues itself. You can only find meditation by putting the mind aside – by being aloof, indifferent, not identifying with the mind, by observing the processes of the mind, but Don’t identify with it, don’t think that I am it.

Meditation is to be aware and say: I am not the mind.

As that awareness goes deeper and deeper within you, slowly, there will come moments – moments of silence, moments of pure space, moments of transparency. When nothing stirs within you, when everything is still, in those moments of stillness, you will know who you are, you will know the mystery of this existence.

A day like this will come, a day with great blessings, and then meditation will become your natural state.

The mind is an unnatural thing, it never becomes your natural state, but meditation is a natural state, a state that we have lost, it is a lost paradise, that paradise can be regained. Look into the eyes of a child and pay attention, and you will see great tranquility and innocence. Every child is born with a state of meditation, but he must be brought into society, he must be taught how to think, how to To calculate, how to reason, how to argue, he must be taught words, language, and concepts, and then gradually he loses contact with his own innocence, he becomes contaminated by society, he becomes an efficient an operating organization, rather than a “person”.

All that is needed is to regain that space again. You have known it before, so when you first know about meditation, you will be surprised because a great feeling will arise in you, as if you have known it before, and that feeling is real , you used to know it, but you forgot. Diamonds are lost in the trash, but if you can move that trash away, you will find the diamond again, and it is yours.

It cannot really be lost, it can only be forgotten. We are born meditators, and then we learn the ways of the mind, but our true nature remains hidden somewhere deep, like an undercurrent. Any time you dig deeper, you will Discover that the spring is still flowing, that fresh water source is still flowing, and the greatest joy in life is to find it.

The first thing is to know what meditation is, and then everything else will follow. I cannot say to you that you should meditate, I can only explain to you “what it is” and if you understand me, you will be in meditation. There is no “should” to it; if you don’t understand me, you will not be in meditation.

Meditation is not concentration.

When concentrating, there is a “self” that is focused on, and there is an “object” that is being focused on. There is a duality, but in meditation, there is no one inside and nothing outside. It is not concentration. There is no separation between inside and outside. “Inside” continues to flow into “outside” and “outside” continues to flow into “inside”. That division, that boundary, that boundary no longer exists. Inside is outside and outside is inside. It It is a non-dual consciousness.

Concentration is a two-part consciousness, so concentration makes people tired. When you concentrate, you will feel exhausted. You cannot concentrate twenty-four hours a day. You must take a vacation or rest. Concentration will never become your true nature. Meditation will not make you tired. Meditation will not make you exhausted. Meditation can become a twenty-four-hour thing. You can meditate all day or all year long. It can become eternal. It is “relaxation” itself.

Concentration is an action, an action with will, while meditation is a state without will, a state of inactivity, it is relaxation. A person only needs to fall into his own nature, and that nature is the same as the nature of all things. When concentrating, the mind operates with one purpose: you are doing something. Concentration comes from the past, but meditation has no purpose behind it, you are not doing anything in particular, you are just existing, it has no past, it is not tainted by the past, it has no future, it is very pure, it is free from everything future, it is what Lao Tzu calls “action without action” – action through inaction, it is what the Zen masters say: sit quietly, do nothing, and when spring comes, the grass and trees will grow by themselves. . Remember, it grows “by itself”. You don’t do anything to it. You don’t encourage the growth. When spring comes, the grass and trees will grow by themselves. That state – when you let life take its own course, when you don’t want to guide it, when you don’t want to have any control over it, when you don’t manipulate it, when you don’t impose any norms on it – that pure , the state of spontaneity without rules is meditation.

Meditation is in the now, pure now; meditation is now. You cannot meditate, you can only be in meditation; you cannot be in “concentration,” but you can concentrate. Concentration is human, while meditation is divine.

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