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The Mystery of the Sacred Geometry Flower of Life

Sacred geometry is an extension of the human soul and a pattern hidden in nature. It constructs an energy entrance in the space-time dimension, and then expands it. From the formation of matter, the natural operation of the universe, molecular oscillation, the growth of life forms, and even the movement and rotation of planets, planets and galaxies, all are governed by the geometric structure of force. .

Sacred geometry is a mirror of the universe that transcends time. It is a form of communication that can be found in many monuments. The core of the ancient Egyptian mystical school is an all-encompassing geometric symbol: the Flower of Life. The Flower of Life is formed by breaking a circle into many congruent pointed elliptical haloes. The process is repeated 7 times while rotating outwards, creating a “cell” pattern.

And every eighth division is a new outward rotation, and this is repeated until an infinite number of times, creating a matrix. Although the flower of life pattern looks like a series of circles in two dimensions, it actually expresses the process of balls within a ball in three-dimensional space. Therefore, the pattern is very similar to the meiosis of human cells, making the flower of life a natural creation. Geometric symbol of process.

Since each “cell” contains the pattern of the mother body, the flower of life is like a hologram, similar to the universe. Its patterned dendritic structure depicts the geometric interaction pattern of light, just like the genetic material in the human body and the genetic code of DNA. arrangement.

The full-dimensional information carrier of the universe is sacred geometry. The sacred geometry Flower of Life represents abundance and sharing.

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