The laws of the universe: What you give is what you get

We are exchanging energy with the universe all the time, as natural as breathing.

However, we do not consciously grasp the laws of this energy exchange.

Everything we get does not come out of thin air. Regardless of good times or difficult times, abundance or scarcity, these come to our lives in the form of energy exchange.

All your experiences are due to what you have given in the past, and today they are flowing back in another form of energy.

No one can stop the energy exchange that occurs all the time in the universe.

When something disappears, the energy is actually transferred elsewhere, or returned to the infinite flow.

When a new thing is born, it is also the result of energy manifestation, but sooner or later this energy will leave.

You cannot give what you do not have, and you cannot give what you are not.

What is energy exchange?

Everything in the universe is “breathing”, which is energy exchange.


Including the birth and death of all things, it is also the back and forth flow of energy.

What you pay for is what you get.
What you get today is what you paid for.

When you are giving, you are establishing an energy circulation circuit, so when you give, energy flows.

But only energy of the same frequency or “corresponding” energy will have an exchange relationship.

To put it simply, the quality of energy you put in will result in the manifestation of that quality.

If you want to become wealthy, you must first give energy that attracts wealth.

A person who is stingy in giving must be in need.

This is called “giving and receiving the same body”:

Whoever gives, gets, who gives, who returns.

We seem to be independent individuals, but in fact we are just a role.

As characters, we are closely connected to everything in the universe.

Everything in the universe is an infinite version of who we are, an integral part of who we are.

So all your giving is essentially giving to yourself.

So the opposition between giving and getting disappears and there is only a flow of energy.

On the surface, what you give may be physical objects, but in fact, what you give is still a kind of energy.

As it is given, energy is transferred.

The fundamental significance of this energy exchange is that it maintains the balance and harmony of energy in the universe.

All things in the universe become one through exchange

Why do all things in the universe exchange energy? Isn’t it possible without energy exchange?

This is like asking: Why do living bodies have metabolism? Why do we need to breathe?

This is impossible, because the existence of any matter and living organisms requires energy, and they cannot appear without the support of energy.

Many things that seem very stable are actually constantly losing energy.

Only through the influx of energy can the balance of energy be maintained.

This is the so-called principle of entropy increase.

Everything is governed by the law of impermanence.
In a constant exchange of energy.

The evolution process of all things is constantly exchanging energy. In fact, the universe uses this to tell us:

We are one, and no individual can exist independently without the exchange of energy.

Including nature, it also abides by the energy flow law of “give and you get”.

For example, when flowers bloom, they give off fragrance, but attract bees and butterflies to collect nectar;

During the nectar harvesting process, the flowers are pollinated and then produce fruit.

Flowers cannot help giving, and they cannot help receiving.

For example, animals give out carbon dioxide through respiration, while plants need carbon dioxide to complete photosynthesis;

At the same time, oxygen is provided. Only with oxygen can the animal complete complete breathing.

Animals can’t help giving out carbon dioxide, and plants can’t help giving out oxygen.

Now, we have understood:

There is nothing but oneness;
Everything you give is to yourself.

We humans are lucky because humans are the only species on this earth that can complete “self-transformation” (or active transformation).

Although we have to give and receive, we do have a certain amount of free will.

Therefore, we can complete the energy exchange through conscious giving, that is, paying attention to our own thoughts.

Every thought creates an energy circuit

Behind everything we say and do are actually driven by thoughts, and all thoughts are energy waves of specific frequencies.

According to the rule of “corresponding to the same frequency”, when we emit energy waves of a specific frequency, energy waves of the same frequency will be attracted to us.

For example: If you are a person who is used to judging others, then all the judgments you send out will eventually come back to you.

Every thought you have is exchanging energy with the universe.

You are the first and ultimately the only recipient of all the thoughts you send out.

If you want to change what you have, you must change what you give.

You get out what you give, this is the symmetry of energy flow.

The giving of high-quality energy will result in the manifestation of high-quality energy;

The giving of low-quality energy will result in the manifestation of low-quality energy.

How to use the principle of energy exchange to change your situation?

Everyone is a participant in energy exchange.

It’s just that most people exchange energy unconsciously. If the state of consciousness is chaotic, it will lead to a chaotic life.

Since we have to exchange energy and cannot prevent it, why don’t we consciously apply the principle of energy exchange?

By giving something specific, we can get what we want and even control our own destiny.

According to the principle of “the same body that gives and receives”, we know: whoever gives, gets; what is given, what flows back.

Giving is the cause, getting is the result.

Most people don’t think in terms of causes, but in terms of consequences.

When the results came, they tried their best to change the results, but in vain.

Because the outcome of the matter is already determined when you give it, you can only change the manifestation of the result, but you cannot change the result itself.

So we must start at the source of “given”.

Primary application of the energy exchange principle – matter.

The so-called primary application is energy exchange at the material level.

If you want to have more wealth, give more wealth.

If you want to gain better popularity, help others more.

If you want to gain higher wisdom, share more knowledge.

However, energy exchange on the material level is not necessarily equivalent. Low-dimensional energy is always absorbed by high-dimensional energy, or even cleaned up.

When the energy you give is relatively low-frequency, it may be absorbed by high-frequency energy.

Therefore, motivation is very important, because motivation determines the quality of the material energy you give.

If you are unwilling to give away your wealth but force yourself to do so, the wealth you paid will most likely be in vain;

You are reluctant to help others, but if you force yourself to do it, others will often not appreciate it;

Pretending to be loving when there is no love in your heart will only make people hate you.

Advanced application of the energy exchange principle – mind.

The so-called advanced application is energy exchange at the level of consciousness.

The dimensions of consciousness energy are many times higher than the dimensions of material energy.

The energy of consciousness can go straight to our perfect nature and penetrate every corner and level of the universe.

What we give the most are our thoughts, because we feel that thoughts are free and worthless. When we give thoughts, there is no sense of reluctance.

As everyone knows, thoughts are actually energy waves, consciousness energy, which is more powerful than any material energy.

Every intention we make is sending energy waves into the universe.

Whoever makes the intention will bear the result, and what kind of intention leads to what kind of result.

At this level it is not an exchange of energy, but a creative manifestation of energy.

This is a creative activity of conscious energy.

Because when we set our minds, there is no specific target for energy output. Instead, we input energy into the entire universe and exchange energy with the entire universe.

In other words, your motivation will not change others, it will only change yourself.

Your malicious intentions will only bring you bad consequences, and your good intentions will also bring good results.

The results you want to achieve depend on whether your intentions are sincere.

What you give sincerely represents what you have. This is an act of confirmation, confirming your original attributes to the universe.

If you sincerely give wealth, it means that you have wealth, which is a confirmation to the universe that you are abundant.

If you can show more love and open your heart, you will definitely get greater happiness and freedom.

At the same time, energy cannot be retained. If energy is forcibly retained, it will actually hinder the free flow of energy.

Speaking from an energy level: emotions, and even unhealthy states of the body, are caused by energy congestion.

They will disappear naturally when energy resumes flowing freely.

So in a sense, we can’t own anything, let alone keep anything, they just flow through temporarily.

All manifested energy will eventually return to infinite free flow.

The movement of energy all the time is constant.

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