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The Existence of Spirituality

You believe that fear is real, you believe that separation is real, and you feel the separation from the source, so all kinds of panic can even make people feel collapsed or even torn apart. This is the truth about the beginning of our material life, because when the divine exists causes of misconceptions.

Because of this reason, we began to create a divided world. From then on, we left the source of our spirituality and experienced life as individual beings, but disconnected from the universe and our own nature. It is material life.

In fact, we are both physical manifestations and spiritual beings, and we experience the initial split.

Fear, division, fear… As the thoughts of division increase, the script becomes more and more intense, layer upon layer of division. Only by believing in the first cause of division in the mind and starting to change can we get closer to the source of life.

You are not a material body, you are a spiritual body. You are not an ordinary mind, but a divine mind, not a human heart, but a divine heart.

When you experience the ultimate, experience the non-self, then you will realize your true self, and these are not wrong in themselves, but they are just the first cause, step by step strengthening your beliefs, your subconscious belief system, life after life It is only through this experience that we have the tragedy of life now. As the saying goes, if you make one mistake, you will make mistakes every step of the way.

And now is the time to re-recognize yourself. No longer define yourself as just a human being, but as a spiritual person, a spiritual life. You must know that you are a divine being expressed in material form, you are full of love and full of creativity!

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The initial spiral of the universe includes a spiral of balanced yin and yang polarity, a spiral that extends infinitely upward, directly to the galactic sun or the cosmic sun. A spiral extends downward infinitely, entering the lowest frequency and penetrating the molecules and atoms in all matter.
The two-way spiral works together to bring all frequencies on the physical level toward unity, forming a unified spiral channel between the universe and the planet, diluting the gap between the light of the universe and the physical planet, and awakening the energy portal on the earth.

Spirals are also the way life energy flows. Plants grow along the spiral trajectory.
This pendant brings the power and support of the origin of the universe and God, helps us explore from the body and psychology to the awakening of spiritual consciousness, and brings the original force from the origin of life. The origin is supporting and pushing us with its infinite power. The center The twisting force and our progress are able to jointly weave this spiral dance.

Purple orgonite emits a violet light, which is a great help in socializing. Amethyst is known to bring out the attraction of a person’s inner aura, which can lead to frequent encounters, increase one’s aura, and enhance one’s intuition and awareness.

Use orgone pyramid or orgonite pendant, chant every day, link to high-dimensional wisdom energy!

Repeat with me softly when you read this article:

I am not only a physical being, I am a spiritual being full of love and wisdom. Within me there is infinite power, infinite compassion, and infinite wisdom.

I am sincere and willing to learn from all things with humility. Everyone is my teacher, everything is my teacher. I would like to be softer, more tolerant, and kinder to others.

I know that all the troubles and obstacles in life are caused by my own thoughts. I am willing to bravely face and properly handle the entanglements in interpersonal relationships and no longer run away from them.

Whenever my heart is ups and downs, I can detect my blind spots and problems; whenever I feel that my heart is not peaceful, it is an opportunity for me to look inward.

I don’t worry at all along the way; because I am willing to change, and my inner wisdom will guide me on how to reflect, how to love and be loved. I feel powerful and courageous.


I am never lost, never alone, because love and light always guide me on the right path.

I believe that everything is God’s best arrangement. All the hardships and setbacks we endure have their own special reasons.

When others criticize me, I will humbly reflect on myself. When I am slandered, misinterpreted, attacked, or slandered, I do not blame others. I would like to be able to understand the suffering of others or reduce the suffering of others because of my suffering.

No matter what happens, it will never affect my inner peace or my ability to care for others. I am love; the more I love, the more love I feel. I am love; the more I love, the more love I feel.

Therefore, whenever others are unkind to me, I will not criticize or accuse them directly. I know that when they attack, they are actually saying that they need help; they are asking for help, they are calling for love.

At this time I am willing to be more open and no longer close my heart. The more open my heart is, the more I understand: any irrational behavior from the other person is a cry for love. Where there is understanding, there is love, and I am willing to learn to respond to everything with love.

The deeper I feel myself, the more I feel the hearts of others. The more I open myself up, the more I help others open up.

I see that they are actually the embodiment of compassion. They are sacrificing themselves and playing this unpopular role to accomplish the lessons in my life. Thank them! I maintain good interactions in all relationships.

I learned love from everyone. I value everyone’s existence. I treat everything and all things with compassion and kindness.

I am one with love, filled with compassion and wisdom. I understand: the power is within my body and there is no need to pursue it outside. I am blessed and I am loved.

Because of love, there is no eternal hatred, no problem that cannot be solved, and no opposition that cannot be resolved. I maintain a friendly relationship with all people, things and things. I and all things in the universe are originally one; God is constantly conveying love and showing love through me and all things!

I feel inner harmony and tranquility. I love everyone, I see the good and beautiful nature of everyone, I see the pure light and divine brilliance in everyone.

When I care with my heart, I see hostile people become kind to me. When I sincerely bless and see angry people, the fear and anxiety in my heart are released, and I become peaceful, quiet, soft and compassionate. I firmly believe that my love will resolve all attacks and revenge; I firmly believe that my love will eventually drown all anger and hostility; I firmly believe that the light within me will illuminate all darkness and resolve all disturbances.

I reject any thoughts, words, or actions that attack others. I will always walk in peace and quiet light, and I will always walk in infinite joy, abundance and peace.

My interpersonal relationships are becoming more and more harmonious. I am friendly to others and do everything with love as the starting point. I no longer project fear and anger onto others. I can understand, forgive and let go of the hurt others have done to me.

I saw clearly that my current situation was the result of my past thought patterns. I am willing to take responsibility, I am willing to take responsibility, and I am willing to change!

Every word I say comes from my heart and good intentions, and I will never say anything malicious or hurtful. I am no longer trapped in anger, sadness and lamentation. I forgive completely, I thank you completely, I let go completely. My body and mind are becoming more and more balanced, harmonious and complete.

Now that I have completely let go of my rope, I have also let go of the ropes I put on others. My mind was completely free, and the infinite love and kindness within me gradually sprouted!

There is a brand new power inside me that is ready to move and is about to emerge in full force! Every thought I have, everything I do, and every plan in my heart is guided by love, and everything is harmonious and perfect!

Thank you, bless you, I love you!