Spiritual Light - Create the relationship you want

Following the Universal Law of Relationships, you create any relationship you want. The outside reflects the inside.

…When you focus on the higher purpose of a relationship, develop soul vision, and examine your beliefs, you are already creating soul relationships. You can go one step further in creating soul relationships by learning and following the universal laws of relationships. When you understand and follow these principles, you can create the relationships you want.
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You may be trying to find or create the perfect love in your life. Pure, clear and true love exists in the soul dimension and between souls. Even the most intelligent and considerate people are not always able to love you the way your personality desires. Some people may be very close, but there is always a place where you feel you are not loved, understood, or appreciated enough. With this knowledge, you can be more considerate and tolerant of others, and you understand that people cannot fully satisfy you.

You will stop looking for the perfect person to love and stop trying to change the person you are with to make you happy. Instead, you see how and what you experience in a relationship as a reflection of what’s going on within you.

Creating the relationship you want comes from changing yourself. Your outer world reflects your inner world. Choose a way to change yourself from the list below as the first step in creating the relationship you want.

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● Think about the quality of soul love you want to experience in your relationship. Make a soul connection and send this quality to your partner.

● If you are experiencing a situation that you don’t like, you must have chosen this experience. This way you are also sure that you have the power to change it.

● In a relationship, focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. Appreciate and recognize the love your partner gives you in every way.

● Think about a way in which someone treated you that made you unhappy. Explore how it reflects some aspect of how you treat yourself. Make a decision to change this treatment.

● If there is any life drama going on between you and someone else, ask your soul to help you recognize and change the part of you that it reflects.

● Think of a change you would like others to make. Send him accepting love and change your perception of his behavior.

● Take some time, choose a partner, and recognize and be grateful for at least five good things that are happening in your relationship.