Several major manifestations of spiritual improvement

On the road to spiritual advancement, there are thousands of methods, and all roads lead to Rome. Whether you prefer Western thought, Eastern Zen or feel that traditional religion is more suitable for you, it is the path that will lead you.

How to know whether you have improved spiritually can check whether the following situations occur:

Fear becomes less and less:

I no longer feel afraid of the notion of strange powers and chaos. Regarding curses, punishments, negative energy or devils, they are no longer under their control; the negative and dark views of life, and the victim consciousness begin to leave you.

The body becomes healthier:

We are already perfectly healthy. Illness and discomfort represent certain imbalanced energies, which form self-attacks or the accumulation of negative thoughts. Therefore, as you improve more and more, these unbalanced energies will gradually become balanced. They will be cleaned and released, integrated and coordinated, and you will become healthier and healthier.

Be more introspective than critical of others:

When you encounter something or a situation, you can immediately go back inside and observe what kind of inner activities triggered the occurrence of external events, where this feeling came from, etc.
Understand that the external environment is just a manifestation, and the purpose is not for us to criticize or fight. You will focus on your own changes.

More peace and tranquility:

The emotion no longer dominates you, you generate the emotion, care for it and understand it. You don’t need to project the emotion outward, but understand that the emotion is energy.
It reflects your perspective on an event or situation, and you learn to live with the emotion, accept it, transform it, and see it as an indicator.

More love and compassion:

This is the highest purpose. Whether we are more full of love and have more compassion, it is an upward vibration. High energy is the frequency of love and compassion. Use the eyes of love and the intention of compassion to get along with others and the world.

Perception becomes stronger:

You’ll have a clearer perspective on things. As your ability to sense what is “really” happening around you increases, your filters will become less and less, and the true truth will be revealed before your eyes. Everything starts to become clear and insights start to arise.

The questions of the past are no longer questions, the higher one will always take you straight to the answer. Everything becomes more alive, you are reconnected to everything, and you feel oneness and oneness.