tree of life orgonite

The aura of a person is invisible, but this power is huge, just like gravity. This aura in each of us affects your life all the time. How is this aura formed?

Your concepts, your beliefs, your environment, your friends, your breathing, the food you eat, your desires, your rest and sleep, etc. will affect your magnetic field.

These auras form your luck and your destiny.

Factors that affect our aura:

Thought field: What you think and what you believe in, what kind of aura you have, this is the law of attraction.

Your thoughts attract what you want. If you have positive thoughts, your aura is positive;

If your thoughts are negative, your aura is negative. At the same time, you attract negative people and things, so to deepen your positive energy field, you must have positive thoughts.

People with a sense of making money often attract money, while people with a sense of poverty always attract poverty.

Through your thoughts, words and actions, they will open the way for what you are aware of, whether rich or poor, to satisfy you just as you think.

A person will be what he thinks in his heart. The things you have always been afraid of will always come to you, that is, the things you are strongly aware of will always come to you.

After knowing the principle of this law, you will use the great energy of your mind to pursue everything you want.

You will become confident, you will know the law of cause and effect in the world, and you will know how to use your thoughts correctly and positively.

When the human mind and brain are united, the frequency will be strong after the body and mind are opened, and the frequency of the consciousness information of the heaven and earth will be unobstructed.

The human body is a very sensitive information field, which is constantly exchanging information and energy with the outside world.

The aura of love: love is the most powerful aura in the universe, because it is in harmony with the universe, and love is the positive aura in you.

Only by sending out love can you attract love, so don’t just love your own small self, love everyone around you, love your friends, parents, lovers, relatives, colleagues, enemies, everything on earth, every flower and grass.

The more love you send out, the greater the aura of love you accumulate in the universe, and the love you gain is also love.

Love is a substance, an aura. When you send out love, the universe has your aura of love. The more aura of love a person accumulates, the more love he will attract.

When you are in trouble and danger, the universe will send out various messages for you to perceive, which is like inspiration. Inspiration occurs in places where there is love, children and mothers, twins, lovers and friends.

Only the aura of the consciousness of two people’s love can make them resonate with each other.

  • Negative low energy: resentment, regret, guilt, jealousy, inferiority, despair, frustration, shame, embarrassment, blame.
  • Negative high energy: anger, suspicion, depression, worry, impatience, pressure, negative challenges, everything is a problem, and relationships are challenges.
  • Positive low energy: quiet, calm, peaceful, tranquil, relaxed, refreshed, harmonious, present, fully rested, unity of inside and outside (static).
  • Positive high energy: vitality, energetic, excited, enthusiastic, focused, colorful, positive challenge, unity of inside and outside, self-improvement, and improvement of others.

There are seven healing energies in the universe that can help us heal our inner trauma.

These energies can help us connect with the universe and make us feel the power and support in our hearts. At the same time, they can also help us connect with our inner child so that we can better listen to and understand her feelings.

Energy of cosmic connection

We are spontaneous inside, and our heart does not know how to deal with it, so thank God for the miracles and gifts. The energy of cosmic connection responsibility will bring us information, knowledge, and wisdom, which can completely enable us to help our inner child.
When we establish a connection with the universe, our hearts will not be closed, our strength will not be exhausted, and our connection with the universe will continuously bring us strength and support. Please believe in the power behind us.

The energy of apology and acceptance

Our inner child needs someone to listen to us. Think about it, how long have you not calmed down and listened to his voice?
The energy of apology and acceptance will open up our inner child and accept us. We know that when a child is really hurt, all he wants to do is push you away. He doesn’t want to be touched, he just wants to push you away. When the energy of apology and acceptance flows into the child, it will dispel the power of pushing away and establish a smooth communication channel with the inner child, allowing us to interact with the inner child, help them let go of their pain, and let the child give us his happiness. This is a process of mutual support and common growth.

The energy of gratitude

The energy of gratitude is a power that allows us to have a deeper connection with the universe. When we are grateful, we can experience the gifts and kindness of the universe from the bottom of our hearts. The energy of gratitude will make us cherish everything we have more, and inspire us to care, support and help others, so as to achieve mutual growth and win-win.

The energy of love

Love is the most powerful and universal energy in the universe. The energy of love can heal our inner pain and anxiety, and make us feel the harmonious resonance between the universe and us. When we are filled with loving energy, we become a more kind, tolerant and compassionate person, able to give unconditional support and care to others, thereby helping them find inner peace and balance.

Energy of Creativity

Creativity is a special ability given to us by the universe that can inspire our inner potential and talents. The energy of creativity allows us to solve problems in innovative and inspired ways and create beautiful and unique things. When we use the energy of creativity, we feel motivated and inspired by the universe to help us achieve our dreams and goals.

Energy of Harmony

Harmonious energy is a state of inner and outer consistency, balance and harmony. When we have harmonious energy, we are in sync and balance with the universe and everything around us. Harmonious energy makes us more sensitive and understanding of others, while also being more aware and satisfied with our own needs. When we pursue harmonious energy, we create an environment of peace, prosperity and mutual support.

Energy of Praise

The energy of praise is a positive and encouraging force that can inspire our confidence and self-esteem, while also inspiring others to grow and develop. The energy of praise allows us to find the strengths and shining points of others and inspire them to do better through praise and appreciation. When we use the energy of praise, we will feel the blessing and support of the universe, and while we achieve our own success, we can also help others achieve more success and satisfaction.

The existence of these seven healing energies reminds us that we are closely connected to the universe. When we realize and use these energies, we can achieve connection with the universe and gain strength, wisdom and support from them to help ourselves and others heal and grow at the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

This healing not only occurs at the individual level, but can also have a positive impact on families, communities and the world. By transmitting and sharing these energies, we can build a more harmonious, friendly and prosperous society where everyone can feel the warmth and support of the universe.

Ways to increase energy

  • Sunbathing can absorb the positive energy and vitality from the sun. Maintain a healthy, happy and positive attitude towards life to increase your own energy.
  • Watching the moon can make people feel calm and relaxed, and reduce stress and anxiety. The waxing and waning of the moon can also stimulate people’s emotions and imagination.
  • Embracing nature can make people feel in harmony with nature, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety. At the same time, contact with nature can also improve people’s attention and concentration.
  • Blowing natural wind can make people feel comfortable and relaxed, helping to relieve tension and anxiety. Natural wind can also improve people’s attention and concentration.
  • Fusion with the energy of orgonite can make us feel the power of the earth and the rhythm of nature. Bring inner peace and tranquility, enhance one’s spirituality and perception. At the same time, orgone energy is also linked to natural elements, which can bring us harvest and abundance.