This is an absolute masterpiece!!!!! The reason is super clear indicating excellent quality, and the aesthetic placement of organic and inorganic material is so pleasing to look at. Beautiful and high quality as I expected! Thank you so much!
Lynden Verified Buyer
Pyramids was beautifully made and exactly as described. I absolutely love every single item! Made and shipped promptly with excellent customer care. Thank you!
Mandy Verified Buyer
The item arrived quickly, was well packaged, and is even more beautiful than I had imagined from the photo. It’s a lovely tool for meditation and I look forward to using it for a very long time.
Freddie Verified Buyer
LOVE IT!!!? Very pleased with my orgonite! Thank you once again
Jennifer Verified Buyer
Cant say enough! This is an absolute beauty! So grateful for this ?
Josh Verified Buyer
I received yesterday and it was absolutely beautiful. Exactly what I wanted and so much more. Quality and colors are amazing!!!! Highly recommend.
Atit Verified Buyer
Very good quality – absolutely perfect finish and gives off strong protective vibration. Love the gold shimmer.
Armentha Verified Buyer
Well made – I love it! A little marvel, very very good quality and very beautiful energy. Pleasant to wear and use! I feel like it creates even more of a connection. Thank you for this incredible creation!
Nedra Verified Buyer
Absolutely beautiful piece, felt the energies as soon as I took it out of the box. I love it.I feel happy and powerful just looking at it, it’s that lovely. Beautiful work, So powerful! Love mine so much & will be ordering again soon, xoxo
Leslie Verified Buyer
The pyramid is so beautifully crafted, arrived very quickly and also with instructions on how to use it. It has already achieved and helped a lot! Thank you for this valuable work!
Roxey Verified Buyer
Her crystals are high vibrational, beautiful and lovely,??There are not adequate words to express how special these 2 pieces are. The quality & workmanship are the highest. They are more beautiful than described. But, they hold the energy of integrity & Truth. The pieces found me…..and I have been waiting for them for a long time.
Nelly Verified Buyer
Absolutely gorgeous mandala! This is AMAZING!!! It looks so delicate, but it is very sturdy. Very high quality construction and painting and way more intricate in person than the pictures show.Very fast shipping and carefully packed.This was purchased as a wedding gift to a dear friend. They absolutely loved it. It’ll last generations. Just beautiful!
JoAnna Verified Buyer
Thank you, the pyramids looks beautiful. It’s perfect to charge jewellery. Thank you for your kindness, your responsible and the fast delivery!
Wednesday Verified Buyer
The pyramid is beautiful! I’m always clear headed & calm when I have it with it me. Kind of hard not to bring it everywhere I go. Thank you for creating purposeful and beneficial pieces.
Talia Verified Buyer
AMAZING is all I can say . Great shop to work with very knowledgeable with great customer service. ?This pendant is exactly what I was looking for! It suits me perfectly and it is beautiful. The energy is very enlightening.Its color is very particular, I discovered it day by day…It is magnificent, thank you very much.
Julia Verified Buyer
Such a unique piece of art!!! Gives off great energy & you can absolutely tell these are made with great care, & great love!💜Package arrived quickly, so honored to have found this shop.
Ashley Verified Buyer
Light of Wealth Orgone literally vibrate and do so on a much higher frequency than other crystals. As well, they have an ancient history that’s truly mystical, magical, scientifically proven and exciting. It’s Gorgeous my Orgone… It’s a symbol of going higher with my living responses to the world. It helps! I envision how I can best serve humanity and I feel this Orgone helps anchor my evolving energies/ intentions. I feel it balancing my physical body, mind and spirit. If it’s placebo that’s fine with me it’s working lol!! My Orgone and I we work well together manifesting optimal experiences, healing, and miracles. I’m clearly in love with this gorgeous work of art 🙂
Buffalo Verified Buyer
From this pyramid you not only have a great benefit, it also looks good. It is also something for the eye. It radiates calmness and provides relaxation. I can only recommend such a purchase.
Zyen Verified Buyer
Have been a customer of this store for a while now, it is the place i like to go when i feel like i want the pyramids with higher and rare energies. Customer service is always above and beyond and quality of crystals is everything i am looking for. So grateful to have this available ?Because it was a cloudy day, I couldn’t take better pictures of the pyramids. But trust me, you will be amazed by reikiorgonite’s creations! ! !
Josh Verified Buyer
Excellent everything! This was a gift for my boss who was so excited to receive it. It will become a treasured heirloom! Will definitely be reaching out for future orders!Thank you so much!!!
Bobbi Verified Buyer
WOW!! MAGNIFICENT , POWERFUL, MAGICAL ORGONE PYRAMID. Exquisite craftsmanship! top quality, high end, very high vibration!! I love this shop so much!! My expectations are always exceeded!! Thank you again, Angel:) An honour & a pleasure❤️❤️❤️
mona Verified Buyer
An INCREDIBLE BLESSING ?✨?????I love the energy and quality of everything I order from this shop. Much Gratitude for this Extraordinary Opportunity ❤️‍???
Sofia Verified Buyer
Beautiful, Unique, One of a kind pieces.. Impeccable Craftsmanship & Top Notch Customer Service.. I’m Extremely Satisfied with my purchases and I’ll definitely be back for more.. Blessings!
Michael Verified Buyer
Omg!!!! Kundalini mandala Energy is Amazing!!!!! Aurora mandala is beyond professional. The fastest shipping ever.Let me tell you! As soon as I hold them on I felt a sudden energy rush. I feel lighter around those funky 5G radiation emitters. I highly recommend and it will seriously make you feel better. Love it! I can’t wait to purchase more.
Jose Verified Buyer
I love all products from seller! Stunning, rare piece that feels like magic from Andromeda.Thank you for another very special piece! ✡︎ Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much. ✨️
Jennifer Verified Buyer
Wow, Wow, Wow! The energy is off the charts fabulous. I absolutely love this pyramids! Just what I need for my healing work. I love the energy this two little guy has! Thank you!
Kat Verified Buyer
I have received several pieces of sacred geometry-inspired objects. Of all I have received, none are as thoughtfully created as the ones I have received from Violet Flame aurora mandala. Every sacred geometry wall art object is produced as a special piece, and has a specific spiritual purpose in mind.Each layer of materials and detail combined are given a light touch, the light easily flows though the art, and each layer, each detail and every edges within, so beautiful Thank you so much for taking the time to create such beauty! I will treasure this piece and others for many years!
Pedro Verified Buyer
I came across this orgone randomly and for some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about it it’s as if it choose me to be the a sense of calmness and peace and redirections of my life happened few days of owning it….I would recommend to anybody on there spiritual path the items are as described you can feel the energy. I love it! Thank you!
Senada Verified Buyer
A beautiful item. Carefully made. Very well packed. Arrived faster than expected. Catches the window light with a lovely glow.Absolutely beautiful piece with loving soft energy. Highly recommend this shop? The time to rise is now!
Bambi Verified Buyer
I absolutely LOVE IT! Shipping was fast and was it was received sooner then expected. 😀 It looks stunning in real life as in the product photos. There is so much detail in every wooden layer. 👍🏻
Neeraj Verified Buyer
I just received this beautiful piece and really cannot describe what I felt since holding it for the first time. Jewelry pendant are beautiful and also aides for spiritual development. I felt a direct connection and it literally felt as it zapped me and brought me back to life and to remember our true reason for being here at this time in this planet?
Grace Verified Buyer
This product is so great! They look great on my wall. And I will order more from them for sure. Ganesha are really special to me and I’d recommend this item for anyone who digs sacred geometry or who just likes unique decor.
Diane Verified Buyer
wow Just wow! my order is just awesome.Very pretty with protective energy radiating. This shop has wonderful work. I love my pyramid and I will purchase many more items from this seller. She was awesome to work with!
Justin Verified Buyer
I really adore the golden Ray energies. It came at the most appropriate time when I’m ready to connect deeply with God/Source/Creator. I’ve made more purchases on similar products. The quality of ReikiOrgonite’s products is excellent. You just can’t compare it with any normal orgonite. These are energy portals. ??
Myrodin Verified Buyer
The quality of this is beautiful!! This came exactly as described. I had my own unboxing ceremony, and I could totally feel the energy when I held it. Took me back to my time at Stonehenge! It now sits on an altar dedicated to a course I am taking.
Christine Verified Buyer
I was pleasantly surprised at the size of this pendant. The energy is incredible. So grateful. The item arrived very well packed, safe without damage. Arrived in a very reasonable time, exactly as described. I love this seller. It is very truthfull. I will buy again. Thank for the goodies!
Leigh Verified Buyer
Great quality, presentation! Perfect fit and balanced. Also I enjoyed the orgonite description and I am hopping it will help me to get protected against EMI.
Gail Verified Buyer
My orgone looks exactly like in the picture. Love it! Absolutely beautiful! Love the positive vibes and quality! Purchased THREE pyramids for 5G protection. Thank you so much! ?Great quality, quick shipping on order. Beautiful. Happy with purchase. Highly recommend. 🙂
Cheryl Verified Buyer
After feeling guided to work with Tripple Goddess, I started making related purchases to connect to Tripple Goddess. This is currently one of my favorite pyramid. I do lots of sharing of Higher knowledge & wisdom, and I look forward to connect deeper with Tripple Goddess to assist me in the work I do. Thanks for the amazing piece.
Dina Verified Buyer
Such a unique piece of art!! My Wife was absolutely stunned and floored by the Ganesha, the craftsmanship and dedication Aurora Mandala put in was well worth the money and time invested. If your looking for something unique and stunning, get ahold of Aurora Mandala, you won’t be disappointed. Looking forward to more .
Aaron Verified Buyer
This is the ninth Orgonite Pyramid we got from this seller! As with the previous eight we got, this one arrived fast, with great and safe packaging and the energy of this latest pyramid like with the other eight is very powerful and it can be felt right away, this has been our experience! We are super happy with the whole buying experience and definitely we will buy again from this seller as her products are super awesome. Thank you very much ReikiOrgonite! Really great ?
Devin Verified Buyer
It far surpasses my expectation, looks even better than in the picture.I ordered three pyramids for my family and we were so impressed with what we recieved and do got to admit that it feels little different being around the pyramid, Yes i can definitely tell that i do feel that my mind is more clear, Nothing but to say Thank you to reikiorgonite.
Anna Verified Buyer
We love the sacred geometry wall art! It took a full 10 minutes to open the package (it was packed exceptionally well). We got the largest size it comes in and believe it’s money well spent. It’s truly beautiful!
Mark Verified Buyer
Highly recommend! Everything had really great energy. Would definitely recommend to anyone considering buying orgonite in any form!
Susan Verified Buyer
I am speechless… in the best way!! Consistently stunning, high end orgone pyramid with astonishing Power & Beauty beyond words . The description matched the item exactly. It exceeded my expecting !
Jomo Verified Buyer
This is an exceptional piece. both in the coloring of the pyramid and the protection it provides! Absolutely my most favorite!!! Totally brilliant!!! I love ❤️ it!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!
Bryson Verified Buyer
I ordered two pieces that differ slightly in size and color. They are in different parts of my living room with some distance between them but they look stunning together. Beautiful, good quality. Love the layers and the 3D effects. Very fast shipping and decent packaging/damage protection.
Jennifer Verified Buyer
I love my pyramid! reikiorgonite is helpful and amazing. The products are such high quality and beautiful!??
Jomo Verified Buyer
Really high quality. Looks exactly like in photos. Really beautiful, I will be using this a lot with my crystals. Fast shipping and securely packaged. Very highly recommended.
Patrick Verified Buyer
Absolutely gorgeous! There is simply no other word to describe the beauty of this piece. I can feel the intention that was put into the carving of this Om & Sri Yantra . I wanted something truly hand made. I have a few items in my home that resonate deeply with me. This is one of them. Exceeded my expectations. Thank you.
Mukesh Verified Buyer
Absolutely beautiful piece to add to our collection! Fast shipping and super awesome customer service. Thank you so much!! ?
Innaya Verified Buyer
Wow! This is beautiful and I can feel the healing energy brought by orgone and perfect. Truly beautiful! I will be ordering again and again from her! 🙂
Noy Verified Buyer
Flower of life and Lion Power consistent with its description, perfect. 🙏 I cannot express how much I love it!Exquisite. And it got here very quickly – quite carefully packed and it’s quite obvious the artist loves what they do.Thank you so much
Josh Verified Buyer
Super!!! Everything’s OK!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Mirko Verified Buyer
Another excellent, detailed and beautiful piece.Second purchase from this seller, and both the items are absolutely 100% recommend!!
Selena Verified Buyer
I’m very happy and extremely satisfied with my purchase. Before making the payment, I had a question about the pyramid and the seller was very kind and attentive. As soon as I finalized my order, I was informed that my product would arrive as soon as possible and it did. The quality of the material is excellent, the packaging was done with extreme care. I would definitely recommend this seller and will be happy to make further purchases. :)‘
Willow Verified Buyer
The care and love that Reiki Orgonite puts into their products is wonderful. Highly recommended. ??
Riker Verified Buyer
Really beautiful!!!!! Very pretty, very good ENERGY I recommend it 100% The quality of the pyramid and TOP, copper ….. Very very SATISFIED!!!!! Thank you Love and light!!!!!
Osamah Verified Buyer
Absolutely beautiful. Just as pictured! I bought this sacred geometry wall art as a birthday gift for my sister. My sister told me today how much she loves it. She said she has slept with the piece of art under for bed for the past two nights, and each morning has woken up from a deep and peaceful sleep, feeling like she healed overnight. Thank you so much! It’s beautiful as well! 🙂
Graceann Verified Buyer
Amazing! Could feel my heart chakra expanding for first few hours of haveing! So beautiful and really powerful! So grateful for this piece! ???✨
Alyson Verified Buyer
Very powerful pendant, thank you very very much…I cried when I connected to it. ❤️??❤️ I absolutely recommend it.
Tudor Verified Buyer
Wow, how gorgeous and powerful. Wonderful, responsive seller also. I’ll be back! ♥️??✨
Jennafer Verified Buyer
It’s beautiful! Very good quality and the gift that came with it was such a nice touch! Would 100% recommend this seller, I can’t wait to purchase more sacred art!
Sonia Verified Buyer
I felt the energy before I even unpacked it.Beautiful pyramid. Very angelic pyramid with gentle sweet energy that shimmers in the light. I love love love it.? Always happy with this seller.
Minerals Verified Buyer
Absolutely brilliant!! Shipping was very quick and efficient. Arrived much sooner than originally expected seeing as I live in a different country vs the seller. Very pleasant surprise! Bracelet itself is very well made, attention to detail was certainly given.When not wearing the Bracelet it makes a wonderful addition to display in my collection cabinet! All in all very pleased with this shop/seller and certainly recommend them!^^ thank you so much this piece is just what I needed! 🙂 I am very pleased with the consistent quality of all products from this seller. I’ve been guided to work closely with Archangel Metatron, and it is awesome to have him in my personal space. ?????
ritanne Verified Buyer
This green fluorite crystal point pyramid is stunning! I can feel the vibration pulsing in my hand when I hold it, looking forward to working with it. The owner was great to work with & I highly recommend this shop! Pyramid came well packaged with fast shipping. Thank you.
Steffi Verified Buyer
I LOVE MY PYRAMIDS they were very well crafted. I could feel the energy immediately???. This shop is fabulous! They provide excellent customer service and answer any questions you might have in a very timely manner! Highly recommend this shop and their products!!! Just beautiful, meaningful stuff that you won’t find anywhere else! ?Thank you and I highly recommend.
Nelly Verified Buyer
Oh my god! This is an absolutely gorgeous piece! I love it so much! Love the different stains and the 3d depth effect with the layering of wood. It really pops on my wall with the light shining on it! Great quality, beautiful design, and it has a little bit of a strong smell from the wood but to me it’s fine for it reminds me of my grandfathers wood shop. 😉
Tiffany Verified Buyer
This pendant is spectacular and incredibly powerful. Perfect for my work. I’ve bought a few pieces from this shop. Each and every one is like art to me, just breathtaking. The energy is truly as beautiful as the craftsmanship. Tons of love, blessings and gratitude! I highly recommend!
Brea Verified Buyer
This stunning work of art is vibrating powerfully assisting my own elevation this instantaneous optimal manifestations occur as I touchit. It’s every bit as magical as I’d imagined and larger too. I feel like a regal magical love pixie having this beautiful and super powerful creation.
Yolanda Verified Buyer
I am LOVING these mandalas. I feel so good and serene whenever I see them. I received them before expected delivery date. Thank you very much.
Faisal Verified Buyer
This is a top notch quality necklace that opens the eyes to one who is ready to gradually receive the truth of all that is, around. I feel safe, calm & protected wearing this necklace. I feel I can see through people’s intentions better. It also helps me with my shadow healing, to be honest with myself.
Yolanda Verified Buyer
I bought five pyramids and they arrived VERY quickly! I appreciated the excellent customer service (seller responded promptly and was helpful when I messaged her), clear descriptions of each pyramid, and quality items. Will definitely buy again from ReikiOrgonite!
Arica Verified Buyer
Beautiful Sri Yantra! I’ve been sleeping well.Looking forward to more positive energy and protection. I look forward to my next purchase. Fast shipping. Much appreciated
Joe Verified Buyer
Stunning pyramid! Very powerful, beautiful craftmanship! Absolutely love it! Great communication! Thank you! A+++++
jody Verified Buyer
You can feel the vibrations coming from this pyramid. It will be a wonderful asset for my healing practice.
Diamonds Verified Buyer
This piece spoke to me as soon as I saw it! Then the description of it, was speaking directly to me, so I had to have it! When it came and I held it, I was instantly at peace and felt Michaels presence. I feel more connected with the angels and it’s truly Devine!
Carrie Verified Buyer
It arrived just as described and absolutely beautiful. The energy coming off the is intense! Thank you again so much!!!!
Sandra Verified Buyer
Quick delivery, item arrived intact. Thank you very much! I love it!??? Beautiful energies! Exceeded my expectations.? Great experience, I highly recommend ?
Rob Verified Buyer
My 3rd time ordering from them…love their work! Incredibly fast shipping also 😉
Mary Verified Buyer
Absolutely gorgeous with vibrant colors that brighten up any room. I could stare at it all day, I just adore this pyramid! Thank you so much and can’t wait to receive my second piece.
Indigo Verified Buyer
Nice size Orgonite pendant , I love ReikiOrgonite. MerKaBa and all of the magical items it contains inside.Thank you so much ? Will shop again soon!
Indigo Verified Buyer
Small enough to fit anywhere, yet beautiful and powerful EMF blockers. I ordered a couple of them and will be ordering a couple more. I definitely recommend them for desks, tables, nightstands, near charging pads, shelves, etc. Love them!
Alex Verified Buyer
The pyramid is very well made and super beautiful. It fully corresponds to the description. I let my expectations of happiness come to me.
Cynthia Verified Buyer