moonstone orgone pendant

Back to the present,
Meditation that focuses on inner feelings

Take your heart back and give yourself time.

Let us be aware together, now.

Back to the present,

It is to calm down the usually scattered thoughts,

Focus on your inner feelings.

The energy projected outward from the unconscious

Take it back and turn to introspection.


This meditation practice,

You will gain a new understanding of inner awareness,

Experience inner peace and joy.


Adjust to a comfortable sitting position with your back straight.

Keep your neck and spine in a straight line,

The shoulders are slightly spread,

Place your hands naturally at your sides or legs.

Keep your orgone pyramid and orgonite pendant close by.


Keep your eyes on your hands and legs.

Follow me and do three sets of deep breaths,

Let your chest feel full of breath,

Becoming expanded with every inhalation.


Breathe in, breathe out.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Breathe in, breathe out.


Slowly focus on your breathing,

Feel the breath that is constantly flowing in the nasal cavity,

into our bodies,

Then it is excreted from the body.


Be aware of this moment, and with deep breaths,

The body becomes more and more relaxed.

Breathing becomes slower and longer.

The thoughts in my mind became clear.


Let us keep our awareness focused on our breathing,

Don’t let the thoughts in your mind distract you.

If there are distracting thoughts,

Just gently bring your attention back to your breathing.



Please slowly look upward,

Look at the things and environment in front of us,

Observe one thing at a time.


By seeing, hearing, and smelling,

To feel the information conveyed to us by the five senses.

Focus our attention on our senses.


When you look at the object in front of you,

Just allow yourself to merge with the object.

open your heart,

Feel this object deeply at this moment,

What kind of information and feelings does it bring you.

Keep breathing naturally.


Let us feel it through our five senses,

to experience this world,

Feel this thing in front of you.

and ask yourself,

How am I feeling now?


Next, let’s go from left to right,

To look around us.

Slowly turn your eyes bit by bit,

Pass over each object and remain aware,

Feel it through awareness.


When looking around, don’t forget,

Look around the entire space above and below you.

Keep breathing naturally.

For everything you see externally,

Be curious as if you were seeing them for the first time.

Feel every detail of them carefully.


If at this moment,

There are many thoughts in your mind,

Don’t judge, don’t distinguish.

Imagine yourself as a bystander,

Just looking at what appeared in my mind

All thoughts and sounds, do not follow them.



Let’s keep looking around,

Look in front of you at this moment,

What things appeared?


When you see this thing,

What did you discover that you didn’t usually notice?

Details and feelings?

Keep breathing naturally,

Let us observe quietly,

And feel yourself.


After you have looked around,

Have you discovered anything you normally wouldn’t notice?

I feel the calm heart,

The tranquility it brings.


Now, let’s celebrate all that we have gained in this moment.

Just like a certain goal we achieved before.


Celebrate everything you experience during this meditation.

Now, you can take some time and combine it with your own situation,

Wrap up and celebrate the experience.


Let’s go back to the feeling of the whole body,

Through this moment of breathing,

From top to bottom,

To feel our head, face, neck, shoulders.

Feel our chest, back, belly,

Feel our arms, fingers,

Go further down and feel our legs and feet.


When consciousness sweeps over these parts of the body,

What feelings did it create?

Are you more relaxed than before?

Let us bring our passion for life and the world,

With our inner, full of vitality,

To feel each moment and all the experiences it brings within us.

Send love to this world.

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