Due to the handmade nature of our orgonites and the fact that they are crafted upon order placement, we do not support any returns or exchanges. Canceling orders results in the waste of precious materials. We appreciate your patience after placing your order.

⚠️Once the order is confirmed, cancellations and refunds are not permitted.

The essence of all life is energy, all life movement is energy in vibration, all vibration of energy that

Everything in the universe is energy, and energy resonates at the same frequency!

In the same magnetic field will eventually resonate the same frequency.

If you feel drawn to any of our pieces, it’s because of the law of attraction, indicating that you are in sync with the energy of the orgone.

You may choose to purchase a specific pyramid or pendant that you feel drawn to, as this attraction suggests it resonates with your inner energy frequency.
The orgone draws in and resonates with its destined owner through its energy vibration.

Each orgone contains:

Metal (aluminum, copper, brass), Resin, Shungite, quartz, Hematite , imported mineral, wavelithium borohydride, gold foil*, vibration frequency, energy symbols,pieces of metal, brass, copper, Clear Quartz, steel, copper tube, cubit SBB blue coil, cubit hook*, selenite, and higher dimension energy

Amethyst*, Blue Calcite*, Smokey Quartz*, Pink Quartz*, Lapis Lazuli*, Tourmaline*, Selenite*, crystals Malachite*,Garnet*, Amethyst*, Lepidolite*, Moonstone*, Rose quartz*, Tiger's eye*, Carnelian*, Lapis*, Opal*, Red Jasper*, Amazonite*, Charoite*, Aquamarine*, Labradorite*, Onyx*, White Crystal*, Rhodochrosite*, Citrine*, Gold Rutile Quartz*, Green fluorite*, Obsidian*, Smoky Quartz*, Sun Stone*

*will vary

Our pieces each contain different combinations of metals, crystals and gemstones, making each piece a one of a kind, and as unique as they are beautiful!

Every Crystal Is Cleansed And Then Charged With The Energy Of The Pyramid / Pendant Ensuring They Emit The Highest Of Frequencies.

All Quartz Crystals Are Coded/Activated In The Sun When Aligned To Galactic Center, This Allows Cosmic Energies To Infuse The Quartz Crystals With Galactic Frequencies In Order To Support Waking Up Dormant Strands Of DNA. Healing Occurs On A Multidimensional Level With Infinite Possibilities, As Each Piece Is Filled With Star Consciousness!

About Orgone Energy Pendant:

Orgone Energy Pendant absorb negative energy from our aura, personal energy field and surroundings. They attract, accumulate and can magnify the Chi, the etheric positive life-force energy. The crystals inside the Orgoneites capture negative energies and transmute these into positive energies.

Chain: titanium steel necklace 60cm.
Free Black leather cord (85cm)

Your new orgone energy pendant will arrive nicely packaged and ready for gift giving.

We recommend that you wear the pendant over your Heart Chakra.
Protecting your energy field and aura these Amulets are most powerful when used with intention!

What orgonite can be used for

commonly used to restore health, climate, plants
  1. Reduce radiation and harmful electromagnetic waves
  2. Reduce the negative energy influence of the outside world on oneself
  3. Healing and balancing of various chakras
  4. Deepen meditation
  5. Strengthen intentions and visualizations
  6. Purify the air and environment
  7. Boost plant growth (place near plant)
  8. Remove negative energy in a specific place
  9. Remove stressors that affect us on unconscious levels by
  10. projecting high vibration energies
  11. Improve immunity and resistance to illnesses as well as
  12. enhanced energy levels
  13. Improve life energy frequency
  14. Restore one's own aura and increase frequency
  15. Increase negative ions in the air
  16. Increased Mood
  17. Stress Relief/ Anxiety
  18. Improve insomnia
  19. Enhance animal energy
  20. Make a wish

Orgonite Functions:

★Orgonite is waterproof, sunlight-resistant, can be placed on the car.

★Adjust the spatial field, restore the energy balance.

★Absorb the omnipresent electromagnetic waves.

★Convert negative energy into positive energy, for the human body and plants and animals to create a healthy and harmonious energy field.

★Can be placed next to a water source to purify the water (helps prevent the negative effects of chlorine and fluoride).

★It can also be placed in the refrigerator to make food last longer and tastier.

★It stabilizes the animal's mood. Fur kids love the energy of augite.

★Changes the ionic state of the surroundings (changes positive ions to negative ions).

★Blocked energies in the body and mind are healed, and the surrounding energy begins to flow smoothly.

★Improve insomnia. Enhance the quality of sleep.

Suitable for people

  • power changers
  • poor luck
  • poor feelings
  • bad luck
  • low mood
  • single men and women
  • intelligence enhancers, ascension
  • poor health
  • often face the crowd of electronic products
  • healing and balancing of the various chakras meditation
  • improve the magnetic field of the home

Where to put the orgonite ?

Orgonite has the ability to purify the surrounding energy.

You can carry the pendant with you and position the pyramids in your office to establish a friendly and joyful atmosphere.

Orgonite can be situated anywhere to serve the purposes of cleansing, energy purification, promoting love, healing, and invoking the divine light.

Handmade orgonite for EMF protection and energy balance for chakra healing energy.

About Orgonite

ReikiOrgonite's Orgonite Energy Tower arranges crystals and metals in the proper proportion, stacking and arraying. Flexibly combining more than 200 kinds of crystals with high vibration frequency and high energy organic products of the earth.

Sacred symbols are usually used as the theme. The symbols are not necessarily religious, but are about love, spirit animals, the universe and different dimensions. For this purpose we have searched and examined the manuscripts of shamans from the last century to find more than 200 different totems of sacred geometric symbols, which are regularly updated.

In the process of making the Orgonite, the whole process is frequency tuned, using Reiki, Chanting Balsams, Quantum FM, Sunshine, Mantras, Jiao Jiao, etc. for purification and blessing. During the process and after the completion of the artwork, the sunlight, the moon, the sunny forests, the clear streams and waterfalls will continue to infuse the artwork with full energy, so that the users of orgonite can receive never-ending energy, light and love.
Each piece is made with great care and attention.

All of our crystals are infused with reiki healing energy and our products are handmade with care in sacred space.

Cleaning and Preservation


Rinse with water on weekdays to clean the surface, then dry with soft tissue paper or cloth.
Do not brush, soak or use detergents.
You can also use a dry, soft-bristled brush to sweep away dust, or wipe gently with a damp, non-alcoholic paper towel.


Orgonites are made from resin and are therefore sensitive to heat and certain types of liquids.
Crystals absorb energy through sunlight, but it is best to avoid prolonged exposure to high temperatures.
NOT wear the Orgone pendant in the shower, bath or sea. If exposed to liquids the Amulet will fade over time which will not affect the functionality but the aesthetics.
Metal parts will be oxidized with human contact and environmental influence, the color darkening is normal, you can use a silver wipe to wipe.
Resin is also sensitive to scratches. Keeping your orgone pendant in your pocket with your keys might result in scratches.
To avoid scratches, it is recommended to put the pendant into a jewelry box when it is not worn.

Purchase Notes

  • All goods are photographed in real life, but there will be a slight color difference in the picture, please take the actual object received as the standard.
  • Our standard production time is 3-7 business days (this does not include transit time).
  • Handmade products are inevitably color difference or flaws, but will not affect the efficacy of the energy
  • Please contact us if you have any questions after receiving the product.


The information provided on healing crystals / orgonites is merely an aid in a holistic approach to healing. It is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor, medical practitioner or therapist. In cases of illness or injury, please seek medical attention.

Each piece is like each person, so special, so beautiful!

The pieces are all really beautiful in person!

ReikiOrgonite will show you your possibilities, to settle, to clear, to manifest, to create....

Also, remember that you are the master and creator of your own world!

And so, through completing one transformation at a time, we see so much beauty happening and are able to appreciate each other's differences!

I wish you all the best in the rest of your lives, so that the world will be a better place because of you!

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