Opening up within: Allowing yourself to be better — meditation practice

You are experiencing joy, peace, and love like never before. Start by embracing spiritual growth, connecting with your higher self, and working with the light. Take small steps as they appear to you and grow in harmony with nature and the earth. If you want to live a life of joy, tranquility, and love at the same time, spiritual growth is your most important development goal.

Meditation Practice: Allowing Yourself to Be Better

The purpose of this meditation is to enhance your ability to receive, to absorb the love and energy of the universe and the Self, and to be able to imagine everything going your way in your life.

Austen Sacred Spiral – Cosmic Energy Galaxy

The initial spiral of the universe includes a spiral of balanced yin and yang polarity, a spiral that extends infinitely upward, directly to the galactic sun or the cosmic sun. A spiral extends downward infinitely, entering the lowest frequency and penetrating the molecules and atoms in all matter.
The two-way spiral works together to bring all frequencies on the physical level toward unity, forming a unified spiral channel between the universe and the planet, diluting the gap between the light of the universe and the physical planet, and awakening the energy portal on the earth.

Luna Magic Dream Moonstone

This pendant is quiet and simple. The transparent moonstone shines with blue light, which is reminiscent of the bright moonlight.
The moonstone used is a very gentle stone and is known as the incarnation of the moon goddess of wisdom, holiness and beauty. Representing tenderness, charm, and a symbol of feminine charm, it exudes a color that is transparent, clear, and as bright as moonlight.It was originally believed to be the sacred moonlight solidifed in crystals. It is worshiped by various cultures and protects female energy. Moonstone, also known as moonstone, symbolizes love and powerful healing power. The spiritual energy magnetic field of moonstone can help the owner of the pendant to increase love and good popularity.

Sacred Om Jewelry

OM “ॐ”, the vibration at the beginning of the universe.
OM is the first sound that appears in the universe, and everything in the universe appears from the vibration of OM. The letters OM can be spelled A-U-M, which represents all the sounds that humans can make.
The A in AUM is connected to the root chakra and manipura chakra, U refers to the sun chakra, and M affects the heart chakra, throat chakra and ajna chakra. You can first inhale into the Dantian, then exhale and make the sound “A”, starting from the tail vertebra, along the spine and going straight to the crown chakra, and sound A-U-M in sequence. Its pronunciation is from weak to strong, as slowly as possible, but gradually weakens, until it reaches M, it produces a silent echo that oscillates in the inner space.

Purple Night Aurora Orgonite

Dissolves deep sadness, calms hidden anger, removes avoidance of problems, andprovides positive, energizing stimulation. Relaxation, meditation, transformation,balancing male and female energies.
Brings the essence of meditation into every moment and the present.Supports the connection with love from above. Divine love transcends passion and ascends to compassion. Suitable for practitioners or those who wish to develop the energies of the top chakra.


1. Sit quietly, take a deep breath, and imagine that you are opening your heart to allow better things to flow into your life. Think of something you can easily obtain. Observe as much as possible how you feel on every level of acquisition. How does your body react when you take it? Has your breathing or posture changed? What’s the mood like? Can you reinforce this feeling of acceptance?

2. Focus on the feeling of acceptance, mentally inviting better things and allowing them to come. Imagine you are receiving the gift of Self. Pay attention to your receptive capacity and be more open to accept more, more beautiful and rich things. Be open to new thoughts, emotional harmony, physical health, and abundance in every area of your life. When you do this, you become one with the abundance of the Self.

3. As you attract these beautiful things, imagine that you are creating space for them in your body, mind, and soul. What you need to do is imagine that you are opening up the energy in your body and creating space for these beautiful things.

4. Imagine that the Self is handing you a silver chalice filled with life energy and wealth. Drink it when you are ready to enjoy more prosperity. Drink as much as you can. When you return to your room, feel open to more good things and sure that you are ready to enjoy them.

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