Meet your heart, see your inner child, and activate healing energy

Allowing all the memories that are replaying in the brain to slowly quiet down can help us move deeper into inner integration.

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When we transform ourselves internally, become happier, and feel love and connection to our families, the world transforms.

Once our relationship with life becomes harmonious, you will find that there are fewer disasters in the world, fewer diseases, and fewer wars and conflicts. This is the best reunion and beauty.

Although they seem so insignificant, everything we experience is settled somewhere in the world.

The more unconditional love and joy you have, the world will transform.

The world is not separate from you. Your transformation is the transformation of the world.

You are the world.

⭐ The energy of responsibility

Children just act as they please, and they don’t yet know that they are responsible for their own actions and choices.

The first important energy to heal the inner child is the energy of responsibility. Take responsibility for yourself, assume your own responsibilities, and let your inner child grow up.

The energy of cosmic responsibility will bring you information, knowledge, and wisdom, helping you take good care of your inner child.

The energy of responsibility is associated with the crown chakra.

⭐ The energy of apology

As we grow up, we have ignored the real, wounded selves in our hearts countless times, and we have also ignored our true feelings.

So it’s important to see the need, the hurt – and apologize. The energy of an apology opens the heart to acceptance.

The energy of apology flows into the heart, slowly resolving the stuck trauma.

The energy of apology is associated with the Ajna Chakra.

⭐ The energy of forgiveness

Because with an apology, the heart is open to forgive and receive forgiveness.

Forgiveness brings reconciliation, and the barriers between us and everything in the past can slowly dissolve, bringing ease and joy to our lives.

Forgiveness is related to central communication (The throat chakra).

⭐ The energy of love

Love is the greatest force in the world. Love can heal all the pain in the world, including our inner child.

When we begin to heal our inner child, love slowly begins to flow, and we fall in love with ourselves again, as well as the ability to love others.

We have always evoked these energies by thanking God for His miracles and gifts, and identified this as “love.” Love is related to the heart chakra.

Open the inner channel, feel the power of love from the depths of your heart, and realize the true growth and happiness of our body, mind and soul.

The energy of love is associated with the heart chakra.

⭐ The energy of surrender

Surrender means to accept, to be humble.

Surrender all the behaviors that no longer serve you, surrender the things that don’t work, surrender the attachments and resentments you’re holding on to, release the energy of resistance, surrender, and allow all energy to flow.

The energy of surrender is associated with the solar plexus chakra.

The more you surrender, the stronger you will become.

⭐ The energy of gratitude

Gratitude will bring you great blessings. Gratitude is grace, and everything about it is related to creation.

But the more you know how to be grateful, the more blessings you will receive in your life, and the more you will feel that all situations are grace. They are all here to make you a perfect existence.

A person who does not know how to be grateful will gradually dry up his mind and body; but if he knows how to be grateful, his body and mind will be as full as a living spring.

Of course, it is in the chakra of creation – The Sacral chakra.

⭐ Letting go

Just like a tree letting its leaves fall in autumn. If a tree doesn’t let its leaves fall, it stunts its growth. Eventually the tree will die.

Therefore the energy let go is the elixir of life.

Letting go is not pushing things away, it is just letting go of things that are no longer needed. The beautiful thing about letting go is letting it go.

We need open hearts so that we can be free.

Letting go is related to the root chakra.

No matter what your current identity is, please take a moment to take care of your inner world, because it is closely related to everything in your life.

We have to “observe” our inner self every day, and slowly go from being “unknowingly” controlled by inner emotional trauma – to being aware and reflecting on “hindsight” – and finally reaching “foreseeing”, A state where one is no longer affected by trauma manipulation.

This is the transition from quantity to quality.

This will be the beginning of a new life.