Indigo Orgone pendant,64 tetrahedron necklace

Meditation to maintain a positive attitude

Positive self-suggestion,
It can make us full of happiness and motivation,
While improving physical and mental health,
can also better improve
The efficiency with which we learn and work.

Next please find one
A place where you feel safe and comfortable,
Try not to be disturbed.

Let your feet lie flat on the ground naturally,
Not nervous, not stiff.
Your shoulders relax slightly,
Put your hands naturally on your thighs,
or both sides of the body.

Lie down or sit down comfortably.
Keep your orgone pyramid and orgonite pendant close by.
Or you can place the orgone on the heart chakra.

When you are ready, gently close your eyes.
Let’s start this exercise of positive psychological suggestion.

Below, please follow the guidance,
Repeat the following text silently in your mind. You can also choose to read it aloud.
Just use whatever method you feel comfortable with:

Every day, every aspect,
I’m getting better and better.
Every day, I become more sure of who I am.
I accept my whole self unconditionally.
I deeply embrace and love myself right now.
I love myself as I am.
I accept all my emotions.
I deserve unconditional love.
I am the master of my own life.
I have everything I need to enjoy this moment.
My life is completely perfect and blooming.

everything I need,
It is entering my life easily and naturally.
At this moment, I feel inner peace and tranquility.
At this moment, I feel the power in my heart.
In this moment, I see myself unconditionally and honestly.
At this moment, I choose to forgive myself.
At this moment, I choose to trust my heart and intuition.

I am deeply grateful for everything I have.
I appreciate and love my body deeply.
I choose to let go of my own limitations.
I choose to let go of self-harm.
I choose to let go of fear, doubt and judgment.
I choose to rewrite my life at this moment.
I choose to live a good day with an attitude of love.
I am letting go of my past.

I am eliminating all negative,
Biased, flawed beliefs.
I understand in my heart,
Everyone who has ever hurt me.

I let go of the things accumulated in my heart
Guilt, fear, resentment and disappointment.
All my negative self-image and judgment,
Now they are all gone.
I am free.
I am infinite.
I am rich and joyful.
I am whole, at peace, complete.
my mind, my intellect, my body
Always with me.

The perfection of life is manifesting through me.
I listen to the messages coming from my body and mind.
I see my own unique value.
The more I give, the more I receive.
I experience inner wholeness.
My words and deeds,
All are full of kindness and creativity.

I create value for humanity and the world.
Everything I say and do affects everything.
Every breath I take, I breathe in the energy of love.
Every breath I take. Everyone feels grateful.
Every breath I take creates a better version of myself.
I am the master of my own thoughts.
I am the master of my own emotional state.

My personal charm continues to increase and expand.
I live comfortably with the flow of life.
I believe everything is unfolding perfectly.
I felt incredibly wonderful emotions.

I build habits that serve me best.
I’m creating the lifestyle I enjoy most.
I pass on positive energy to everyone around me.
Opportunities of abundance continue to flow to me.
I am constantly clearing the roadblocks around money.
I give myself permission to own.
I deserve material abundance.
I feel rich from the inside out.
Every day, I am attracting more wealth.
I became this incredibly rich and joyful version of myself.
I allow myself to succeed.

I am grateful for the precious gift of life.
I feel my eternal essence.
I return to natural harmony and balance.
The more I love myself, the more love I attract.
I allow myself to shine.
I am a unique being.
I have a unique calling and gift.
My inner wisdom is guiding me.
I am the creator of my own life.

Creative thinking and inspiration,
It’s in my mind every day.
I’m doing what I want,
Create my life.
I am a channel for creative energy.
There is unlimited potential and wisdom in my heart.
My mind and body are filled with energy and creativity.
Every cell in my body is filled with wisdom.
My body and mind have the energy to heal themselves.

My life is filled with endless possibilities.
I let my imagination run wild.
I am clearing my subconscious of false beliefs.
I am becoming the person I aspire to be.
I deserve everything I desire.
I’m worth it. I’m worth it. I’m worth it.

I transcend my past experiences.
I transcend my thoughts.
I love myself.
I am grateful to myself.
May I be at peace. May I be healthy. May I be happy.

Very well, let your mind do as it pleases for a while.
Let’s take another deep breath.
Take a deep breath.
Exhale slowly.
Breathe in again.
You can move your fingers and toes.
Open your eyes slowly.
Bring inner perfection, warmth and true feelings to your environment,

End of today’s meditation.

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