Nelumbo nucifera necklace,orgonite pendant

Inner spiritual light activation and awakening

Spread the wisdom of the Akashic Records, help more people connect to their higher self, activate Merkaba, and live a life of fifth-dimensional awakening.

It is recommended to use the orgonite pendant recommended below to help meditate and open up the spiritual light.

The first step is to keep your attention on the pituitary gland area and connect with the energy of the orgonite. If your attention wanders, simply bring it back and refocus on your pituitary gland.

In the second step, imagine in the pituitary area a white lotus floating on the still and infinite waters of pure water. This mental impression can shift your mind/heart into a highly receptive state and create an awareness of a nature that is helpful for this particular type of transformational work.
The white lotus is suggested because all colors and all frequencies are contained within it. You can imagine this lotus as partially open or fully in full bloom. If you like, you can also imagine it as an unopened bud.
Keep the mental image of the white lotus in your pituitary area, and as with the first method, when your attention wanders, bring it back to the lotus and your pituitary area.

The energy of orgonite will aid your meditation, causing subtle energy movements in the pituitary gland and creating a cascade of energy that affects all the glands that make up your endocrine system.
As you continue to experience this orgonite, you will become more familiar with its subtle and powerful effects.