The Crown Chakra

Located in the centre of the head, it connects to the energy of the universe and is the highest energy centre of the human body, through which

Through the chakra, we open up to a larger world beyond the physical world, connecting to all that is not limited by time and space, to the origin of the universe, and to spiritual development, or “enlightenment.” The Crown chakra awakens all nerves and helps you to transcend thinking, anger, guilt, greed, worry and fear to manifest a sense of harmony, peace, love and joy.

Self-check for imbalance in the Crown chakra

1. Headache, light sleep
2. Inadequate thinking
3. Unable to find a solution
4. Unable to connect to the higher self

The Crown chakra is primarily responsible for wisdom and the feeling of being one with the world, having a sense of bliss, roundness, and feeling that everything is divine.

It is associated with space or nothingness. These qualities represent self-transcendence, oneness and integration with the infinite source of creation.

– When it is out of balance, we deny the spiritual dimension, become overly attached to material things, and lack enlightenment and wisdom. But an overabundance of the top chakra can also lead to a false sense of enlightenment, an unnecessary sense of superiority, and an inability to connect with reality and people.

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