Explore the magical energy of spiritual blue light orgone

blue orgonite,orgone energy pyramid

In the long journey of life, we are always looking for the meaning of life and constantly facing various challenges. Faced with the complex changes in celestial phenomena, it is inevitable that our hearts will tremble. But these changes also give us a better glimpse into our own hearts.

However, no matter what challenges you encounter, never forget the value and significance it brings. Every challenge becomes an opportunity for us to become more resilient. The price and meaning given by challenges enable us to gain the power to transcend ourselves. In addition to focusing on personal growth and improving our own energy and confidence, we can also choose some special items to help.

For example, the blue light orgone energy pyramid/orgonite pendant necklace, they can all become symbols of our positive mentality. Choose items that meet your needs and preferences, take them with you and use them when needed to adjust your mentality and focus your attention. Focus on the positives.

Blue light is the frequency that inspires human awareness and truth intelligence. It is a light of wisdom located in the ajna chakra on our foreheads. It is also the light that clears fear and turning points, helping us release fear, return to clarity, and have strength. To change is the starting point for our ascension.

Blue light has super energy, which can coordinate physical and mental balance, relieve emotional stress, attract positive things and energy, and create more opportunities for us.

This energy allows us to attract other individuals who are also on the path to entry in our own life experiences, and will generate awareness of higher-dimensional wisdom in our inner selves, leading us into inner harmony and living out higher-dimensional consciousness. .

As the light of wisdom, blue light’s energy can help us release and resolve fear at the physical and astral levels, remove adverse reactions caused by negative emotions, and the residue deposited on the body, making all organs , system, muscles and cell tissues are all balanced. It can also balance the positive and negative ions in nerve cells, effectively bringing balance into cells and organs and tissues.

When this frequency flows through our bodies, we may feel cold or an extreme anxiety. If you have these negative reactions in your body and mind while listening to blue light, don’t worry too much. This is because the frequency is increasing. , cleansing the manifestation of negative energy.

In the fields of love, career, studies and wealth, the blue spiritual light orgone can provide comprehensive assistance and become your loyal guardian and caring “mentor”. Therefore, when we face difficulties in life, it can provide a positive perspective and confidence to help us move forward in the face of adversity.

Able to increase personal energy levels and enhance personal energy field. Its high energy and strong magnetic field can stimulate and balance the seven main chakras of the human body, namely the Crown Chakra, Ajna Chakra, Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Genital Chakra and Muladhara Chakra, thereby promoting the body’s self-healing and self- growing up.

Orgone energy is a complementary healing tool that can help people improve their physical and mental health. The energy and frequency it emits interact with the body’s energy field to promote the body’s natural healing and recovery.

In addition, orgone energy can also block negative electromagnetic waves and other negative energies, protecting the body from the effects of these negative energies. In modern society, people are increasingly dependent on electronic products, and the negative electromagnetic waves generated by these electronic devices can have a negative impact on people’s bodies and minds. Super Seven Crystals can establish a bioelectric field and block the interference of negative electromagnetic waves, thus protecting the body from these negative energies.

Energy balance

The various quartz added by orgone have different energy properties, which can balance the body’s energy, enhance the body’s natural healing ability, enhance the body’s immunity and resistance, thereby reducing the chance of illness. It can also balance the spirit and emotions, making people feel calm and peaceful, and return to a state of inner balance.

Thinking improvement

Orgone can develop thinking potential, make people more transparent, improve personal insight and intuition, better handle complex problems, improve learning fortune, and enable people to face school and work more easily.

Clear negative energy

Orgonite can remove negative energy from the body and surrounding environment, including electromagnetic radiation and negative emotions, keeping people in a calm and happy state, promoting the body’s natural healing process, and eliminating pain.

Strengthen interpersonal relationships

Orgone can enhance the energy of interpersonal relationships, help people establish more harmonious interpersonal relationships, enhance mutual trust and understanding, and promote the stable development of career and social life.

Improve spirituality

Orgonite energy field is very powerful, helping to open spiritual channels, improve spiritual awakening and understanding, and allow people to better discover their inner selves and have a broader spiritual world.

Promote growth

Orgonite can help people better reflect on themselves, understand their strengths and weaknesses, improve their potential for personal growth and progress, and make life more fulfilling and meaningful.

Blue light will release and clear fear, improve a person’s rational wisdom, gain a deeper understanding of the truth, and re-see things with the understanding of the truth.

The energy of blue light has a cooling element, so it will bring us tranquility. But it also has a burning side like dry ice. Like a flame, it can burn and remove the fear hidden deep in our bodies and brains.

Where do these fears come from? In fact, many of our fears in our lives were planted in childhood. The memories and experiences of childhood, even if they are hidden deep in the subconscious, can still cause mental trauma.

Blue light will bring bright awakening and inner understanding to the rational and emotional bodies, helping us break the patterns of doubt and fear and live in a state of freedom and tranquility.


For the specific method of using blue light, it is recommended to hold the blue orgone energy pyramid/orgonite pendant.

· When you are scared

You can imagine that your whole person is immersed in the ocean of blue light, bathed in the blue light. The blue light spirals down clockwise from the center of the soul, and rotates clockwise to cover your whole body. Wrap it up inside and release the fear into the light.

Doing this for a minute will quickly help you release your fear, or longer if you wish.

· When you want to enter calmness quickly

You can imagine lying in a sea of blue light. These blue lights enter our heart center like shooting stars, allowing you to enter calmness quickly.

· The functions of blue light in different parts of the body

  • Entering the mind, blue light enhances rationality, calmness and purification, making our thinking clearer.
  • Entering the throat will make our expression clearer, release the fear of expression, and break through the stuck points of expression.
  • Entering the heart chakra will make our heart as truthful as a clear mirror, with the wisdom of the heart.
  • Entering the spleen and stomach can quickly calm down the mood.

There is no need to go down, because the blue light mainly controls wisdom and true knowledge.

· Blue light triangle cleaning tool

Put the blue light orgone on our shoulders and the back of the head, between the eyebrows and the throat, and a triangle will be formed, which can help us think more clearly, express more accurately, and release quickly Fear and ancestral negative programming.

On this road of life, we will inevitably encounter our inner fears and true selves, and then at a certain moment, we will rise to wisdom. Wisdom brings peace, and peace brings understanding of the truth of the universe.

In fact, everyone will not believe in their own greatness, nor will they admit their own smallness, selfishness and cowardice. We work very hard to live as a good middleman, the safest one.

When we become one with the truth and see, accept, and reverse our inner fears and true selves, we will no longer be affected by external voices and begin to be the masters of our own lives.