Purification and Health

Energy Crystal · Rock Crystal

Among the many crystals, Rock Crystal always exists like a clear spring. It is clear, transparent and pure, with the most stable magnetic field. The seemingly colorless white crystal has the seven colors of the rainbow in the spectrum, which can make people calm. It controls physical health, can purify the surrounding environment and deep negative energy, and can bring good luck and positive energy to people in all aspects. It can be said to be the king of crystals.

The crystal structure of Rock Crystal is very complete and regular, making it show a unique sparkling effect under light. This structure not only gives it a beautiful appearance, but as an ancient and mysterious natural mineral, it has played an important role in various cultures and civilizations since ancient times. Its historical applications are rich and varied, being used both as body decoration and as a spiritual and healing tool. In ancient Egyptian civilization, Rock Crystal was believed to have the mysterious power to prevent aging and promote health. The Egyptians would carve them into ornaments and amulets to protect and guide the soul. In ancient Greece, it was regarded as the crystallization of ice. According to legend, it was a gift brought to the earth from the gods, symbolizing purity and eternity. During the European Middle Ages, Rock Crystal was considered a sacred substance and many healers and alchemists would use it for healing and experimentation. They are believed to help people connect to higher spiritual realms, while also serving as an important tool for protection and purification.

White crystal is known for its ability to purify the mind and enhance physical, mental and spiritual health. It has a wide range of functions and can be used to help people, health, purification, and prevent villains. Therefore, it is known as the “King of Crystals” and is the type chosen by many people who are new to crystals. Its transparent and clean characteristics are combined with high-frequency materials to make powerful orgonite pendants or orgone energy pyramids, which bring more powerful and purer power in terms of vision and efficacy.

White crystal is an ideal choice for people who want to enhance concentration and increase their positive energy magnetic field. It can automatically absorb the negative energy around or on the human body, and can restore vitality to people who are sick and frustrated, and bring good luck.

The effect of white crystal

Balance and purify one’s own magnetic field: Pure and clean white crystal light, derived from seven colors, can automatically replenish the weakened chakras in our body, and has powerful purifying energy, which can clean up the negative energy in the environment and convert it into positive and clean energy. vitality. It can help clear away negative emotions, anxiety and stress, and automatically balance imbalanced energy in the body. The stable properties of white crystal can also balance energy, which not only helps the wearer, but also improves the surrounding magnetic field. Wearing an orgonite pendant or orgone energy pyramid made of white crystal can make people feel that the environment becomes fresher and brighter, enhance the positive energy of the space, and feel more calm and tranquil.

Strengthen the energy field

White crystal can strengthen the personal energy field, enhance the vitality and vitality of the body, has a kind of clean energy, can absorb and release positive life energy, remove negative energy, eliminate physical and mental obstacles, and make energy The field is clearer and more open. Through contact with white crystal, people will feel the body’s energy field strengthened and become more stable and tough. Therefore, people often choose to place white crystal orgonite pyramids or wear orgone energy pendants to enhance their personal energy field, improve their own vitality and resistance, and cope with the challenges and pressures in life.

Balance the inner magnetic field and emotions

White crystal has the most stable and pure magnetic field energy among all crystal types. Its magnetic field is almost not affected by other forces, and always maintains its consistency and stability, helping people to stabilize. Its healthy magnetic field can also balance people’s inner magnetic field and emotions while balancing the healthy magnetic field, making it less susceptible to external stimulation.

Balance body, mind and soul, inspire spiritual connection

Balancing body, mind and soul is one of the effects of white crystal, which can help people adjust the balance between body, emotion and spirit, making the overall feeling more harmonious. On the spiritual level, white crystal can enhance consciousness and intuition, assist in a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around you, and guide spiritual growth. Helps inspire spiritual connections and helps people develop a deeper connection with their spiritual nature. Through orgonite pendants and orgone energy pyramids made of white crystal, you can gain stronger power. Living with orgonite can help people open the door to their souls, explore their inner world deeply, and establish a closer connection with the energy field of the universe.

Purify the surrounding negative energy and avoid evil

Clean white crystal energy can make negative energy invisible! White crystal has purifying and cleaning energy, which can help purify negative energy in the environment, remove negative or blocked energy, and transform them into Positive and positive energy. Keep away evil and ominous atmosphere, protect the residence and the wearer from evil spirits, bad luck and malice. The owners of the orgonite pendant and the orgone energy pyramid can no longer feel depressed and anxious, and can restore their strength to those who have suffered setbacks.

Fusion of various crystals

White crystal brings together the colorful spectrum of various crystals and combines the advantages of various crystals. It is absorbent and can absorb negative energy and balance it. Orgonite pendants and orgone energy pyramids made by integrating the energy of white crystal and other high-frequency crystals and metals can have more powerful power.

Powerful EMF protection

The powerful shielding function of white crystal can also help people block electromagnetic radiation, thereby reducing the harm of radiation to the human body. As long as the white crystal orgonite pendant and orgone energy pyramid are placed next to electrical appliances that may produce radiation at home, such as on or around computers, televisions, microwave ovens and other electrical products, they can achieve the effect of blocking radiation and make the energy around them more effective in daily life. health and safety.

Symbol of Health and Peace

White crystal is considered a symbol of health, happiness, peace and purity. Also known as “eternal ice”, white crystal has an important status in many ancient cultures. For example, it is one of the seven treasures in Buddhism, used in the breastplate of clergy in Judaism, and the ancient Egyptians believed that white crystal There is a divine soul within the crystal.

Spiritual purification and calmness

Among various crystals, white crystal has the most stable magnetic field, which can purify the environment and personal negative energy, help increase the energy frequency of the body, mind and soul, making people feel more balanced, clear and energetic. It calms the mind, harmonizes the energy of body, mind and soul, helps relieve stress, anxiety and emotional instability, and promotes inner harmony.

Emotional release and concentration

White crystal can provide people with mental strength, help block interference from external objects, make people’s thinking more focused, clearer, and have higher concentration. At the same time, people’s memory and understanding abilities are enhanced, which is helpful. It helps to let go of unbearable things, increase positive energy, thereby improving concentration, concentrating thoughts and no longer being distracted! White crystal can amplify energy, provide good mental strength, block interference, make thinking more concentrated, make the mind clearer, and Enhances memory and understanding, suitable for people who need to keep their minds clear at all times. It also helps to overcome feelings of victimization or constant distress and to think before speaking, especially for people who are impulsive or overreactive.

Meditation and Spiritual Enhancement

White Quartz is considered a crystal capable of strengthening connections with higher levels of spirituality and cosmic energy. It can help enhance psychic abilities, transmit and receive messages, and deepen spiritual practices. The orgonite pendant and orgone energy pyramid made of white crystal are suitable for meditation, which can help to contact the higher self and obtain deeper inner wisdom. As a gentle, calming crystal, it can quickly enter a higher state of mind and enhance perception.

White crystal corresponds to the crown chakra, which is responsible for wisdom and feelings of the spiritual world. It symbolizes the flow of soul and cosmic energy, and has the power to control the balance of body, mind and soul. It is a synthesis of all energies. It has the effect of purifying, upgrading, focusing, balancing, and gathering positive energy. It can purify inner instability, nourish the body, mind, and soul, focus on oneself, and listen to the inner voice, so that people will no longer be disturbed by the outside world and affect the stability of the mind. Therefore, wearing a white crystal orgonite pendant and placing an orgone energy pyramid can balance the magnetic field, soothe negative emotional energy, and at the same time calm emotions and coordinate body functions.

The pure energy of white crystal can help people purify their souls, eliminate distracting thoughts, and return to a calm state of mind. In a harmonious state of mind, people are more likely to enter a meditative state and receive inspiration from intuition and wisdom. By interacting with the white crystal orgonite pendant and placing the orgone energy pyramid, you can gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual needs and goals.