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Opal - The crystallization of creativity, the stone of destiny that shines with rainbow light.

The word Opal originated from the Greek word “Opallos”, which means “see the change of color” and “precious gemstone”.

It has a delicate and soft color and a porcelain-like luster. It is known in the West as “angel’s skin” and is also a “gem that best represents women”.

Oil paints as varied as a rainbow Opal🤍

Legend has it that the arrowhead of Cupid's arrow is made of pink opal. People believe that wearing this gemstone can make all their wishes come true emotionally and make connections, so many people call it the love magic stone, love gemstone, wealth gemstone. Spirit Stone, Cupid's Smile, Angel's Smile and many other beautiful and sweet names are well known.

The ancient Greeks believed that opal gave its owner prophecy and was a symbol of hope and purity. Its unique seven-color rainbow luster changes with different angles, representing the power of freedom and bringing out its own inner hidden charm and spectrum. It can also attract people who know how to appreciate inner beauty and induce more positive encounters.

Metatron Jewelry & 7 Chakras Orgone Pendant,With Opal Crystal,Customize Meditation Tool

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Pure Aurora·Holy White Light orgointe Pendant

This orgonite pendant corresponds to the crown chakra, and the white light it emits is the mother of all lights. All power evolves and diffuses from the white light, which is the highest energy in the universe.
Cosmic white light can clear away the black energy and karma of the body and restore light and purity. Help purify the deep memory films, relieve the physical pain and mental trauma stored in the life course, and quickly rewrite the life films. Help the body restore its brightness and purity, and bring about the blessing of being free from disasters and having all your wishes come true!

  • Helps calm all emotional problems, physical and mental disorders.
  • Dissolve negative physical and mental patterns and enhance light body energy.
  • Release patterns of self-attack, harm, or repetitive experiences that keep you stuck.
  • Prevent the negative energy of the environment from affecting rationality and emotions, and reduce the interference of various negative energies.

Opal’s unique iridescent luster has the power of freedom, bringing out the wearer’s hidden charm and helping to attract people who appreciate inner beauty. It is like a mirror that allows us to be aware of our emotions and allow our emotions to be revealed more naturally. At the same time, it can clean up long-standing negative feelings, transform all our negative emotions and thoughts into more positive energy, and make us feel nourished by gentle energy. Opal can heal our heart and navel chakras. It helps us go deep into our inner emotions, allowing us to understand ourselves as well as others, making us more empathetic and making our relationship with others more harmonious.

Opal can also help us improve our emotional phenomena and bring us a stable mind, thereby making communication between interpersonal relationships smoother and more efficient. The color changes of opal also symbolize the various potentials that can be developed in our lives. Opal can stimulate creativity, allow us to have richer and more active thinking, and at the same time help us discover our own abilities and find Develop in a direction that suits you.

Body: Improve emotional problems and stabilize mood.

Heart: Makes us feel safer and more empathetic.

Spirit: Developing the creative potential in our lives.

Opal is often called the “artist’s stone” and helps improve creativity, thinking and concentration. When you feel depressed or your body is tense, wearing an opal Orgonite pendant or linking with the opal orgone energy pyramid can attract negative emotions and release them, while calming shaky emotions, strengthening the spirit, and allowing people to live a happier life.

Poseidon’s Protection | Ocean Blue Orgone Energy Pendant,Throat Chakra Orgonite Crystal Jewelry,Containing Opal and Labradorite,


Put the orgone energy pendant under your pillow to calm your mind and help you fall asleep.
Calm anxiety and negative emotions, and relieve insomnia and dreaminess at night.
Protect love, activate love energy, and gain good popularity.
Improving sensitivity allows people to think more considerately from the perspective of others, which can also improve interpersonal relationships.
Increase affinity, be more flexible and smart, help expand contacts, career and wealth.
Improving spirituality and opening up higher wisdom can enhance people’s intuition and sixth sense.
You can think more clearly about yourself and be more courageous in expressing your inner thoughts.
It helps people think, gives them courage and strength, and enables them to think calmly in troubles and face real challenges calmly.
Soothes emotions, reduces inner ups and downs, improves endocrine function, and increases immune system function.

Suitable for all chakras

Guide all energy/Initiate various healings/Detoxify/Improve suppressed emotions/Help thinking and learning/Awareness/Speech expression ability/Provide immunity and security/Bring a sense of freedom/Harmonize voice/Increase creative expression ability

Stimulate creativity

Opal Orgonite necklaces and opal orgone energy pyramids help stimulate inspiration and imagination, bring breakthrough and leap-forward thoughts and concepts, and can strengthen personal abilities and talents, and possess the ability to execute decisively. It is the energy that promotes career luck, gathers wealth and attracts wealth.

Bring love

Opal Orgonite necklaces and opal orgone energy pyramids help bring out your inner hidden charm, enhance your relationship with the opposite sex, attract people who know how to appreciate your inner beauty, and induce more positive encounters. It can also help love luck and enhance popularity, increase attraction to the opposite sex, bring love opportunities and eternal love.

Improve love

Improve love luck, help stabilize shaky emotions, improve life happiness, keep people happy, and can bring long-term romantic love to men and women in love.

Enhance personal abilities

Opal orgone energy necklace and opal Orgonite pyramid help to cultivate extraordinary vision, broad mind and extraordinary taste, enabling the wearer to propose ingenious strategies and implement them.

Improve creative ability

Corresponds to the crown chakra, which can stimulate inspiration, wisdom, insight and imagination, help thinking and concentration, improve creative/creative ability, and inspire creative thinking, especially suitable for people engaged in art or entrepreneurship.

Promote insight

Let us have other views and insights on things and enhance our understanding of things. At the same time, it also allows us to enhance our ability to observe and understand problems, to be objective and stable when balancing problems, and to improve our leadership.

Bringing hope

Opal Orgonite can help people regulate their mood, resolve anxiety and irritability, and make people feel peaceful and calm. When we suffer misfortune or feel uneasy, the energy of orgonite can bring hope, happiness and luck to people, allowing us to start over.

Attracting people

Wearing opal Orgonite has the effect of attracting people. It can make the owner of Orgonite enhance the charm, exude noble temperament, enhance affinity, show confidence, improve social skills, expand contacts, and help career development!


Opal Orgonite has the effect of stimulating inspiration and potential. It can enhance creativity, strengthen personal abilities and talents, and help to show strong execution ability in the face of challenges in career, thus attracting wealth!

Bring out inner beauty

Opal orgone energy necklace and opal Orgonite pyramid help reveal the unique beauty and characteristics of the Orgonite owner, strengthen inner energy, and highlight personal brilliance. And contribute to the development of fortune.

Release negative emotions

Helps improve people’s mood. When they are depressed or stressed, opal helps release negative emotions and restore inner balance.

Sacred geometry Jewelry & Metatron Orgone Pendant,Chakra Stone Necklace,Customize Orgonite

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White is the color of the purest and highest spiritual light, it represents the divine, perfection, harmony and unity, bringing peace, solace and taking away pain. White light is the element of all colors of light. It aggregates all colors and contains all elements and energies.

This orgonite has holy white spiritual light. Its function on the body and astral body is to release negative impurities. It has the function of washing and purifying every system, organ, muscle tissue and cell tissue, and can help us eliminate it. Negative energy washes away darkness and turbidity like a cleanser, helping you release any negative thoughts and feelings. Raise our frequency, connect to higher levels of consciousness, and prepare the body to adapt to the various energies that will be activated in subsequent sessions.
It is also a protector and in any situation, this orgonite has the power to protect us from outside distractions and allow us to feel peace and joy.

Use this orgonite as the energy to protect you, activate and use it every day, and you will become familiar with this beautiful energy.

Opal · Corresponding to the crown chakra · Self-evolution and improvement🤍

Legend has it that the arrowhead of Cupid's arrow is made of pink opal. People believe that wearing this gemstone can make all their wishes come true emotionally and make connections, so many people call it the love magic stone, love gemstone, wealth gemstone. Spirit Stone, Cupid's Smile, Angel's Smile and many other beautiful and sweet names are well known.

The ancient Greeks believed that opal gave its owner prophecy and was a symbol of hope and purity. Its unique seven-color rainbow luster changes with different angles, representing the power of freedom and bringing out its own inner hidden charm and spectrum. It can also attract people who know how to appreciate inner beauty and induce more positive encounters.

Spiritual growth, transcendence of matter, cosmic consciousness, compassion, wisdom, purification

The crown chakra, located in the center of the head, is the chakra that transcends the body and self-consciousness and leads to the universal consciousness. Its corresponding element is emptiness, pure consciousness and spiritual energy. This chakra represents spiritual, supernatural and transcendent energy.

Using an opal orgonite necklace to meditate, or linking with the orgone energy pyramid, can help people inspire inspiration and imagination, and open up the energy of the crown chakra.

Green Aurora Quartz Orgone Pendant,Natural Opal Crystal Orgonite Energy Talismans Heart Chakra Jewelry

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The verdant green color of the light energy indicates the life force it brings to the heart chakra, but its healing power is not only limited to the heart, but also extends to reach our mind, which can be described as the heart and the intellect at the same time.
This orgone energy pandent can help us achieve the following healing purposes:
Guarding ourselves, dispelling negative emotions and environmental influences, and maintaining a bright and cheerful state of self;
Obtaining the strengthening, revitalization and rebirth of physical energy, opening up the way of thinking and expanding the dimension of cognition;
Becoming a more resolute and mature decision-maker;
Relieving emotions, helping to better recognize our current situation, removing the over-production of kinetic energy in the aura, and digesting and absorbing the over-production of kinetic energy in the aura, as well as the over-production of kinetic energy in the aura, and the over-production of energy in the aura.
It helps to recognize one’s current situation, remove the overproduction of kinetic energy in the aura, and digest and absorb the negative news in the human aura.
It stimulates the potential of the wearer, as the color green represents hope. It attracts positive wealth, helps to achieve success in business, and increases wealth.
Opens the heart chakra, strengthens the heart and enhances the energy of love. Heals/repairs emotional relationships, emerges from past emotional traumas, believes in oneself and love again.
Improves tolerance, enhances our ability to find and appreciate the good things, reduces harshness and hostility.

Stone of Wealth Amulet,Yellow Healing Energy Orgone Pendant,Handmade Opal Gem Necklace,

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Yellow light is immeasurable light, it can change DNA and change the contradictory frequency
When you activate the energy of the yellow light body and wear it, you will feel that you are full of vitality and full of the power of divine love. The yellow light can bring you more positive energy that is strongly active, upwardly promoting, and outwardly protective. Expand your consciousness and help you gain a higher understanding of life’s ascension and evolution.

The yellow light of this orgonite pendant will bring you bright, warm, lively, hopeful, and optimistic energy. Yellow belongs to the energy of the sun wheel, which can increase self-confidence and increase wealth when praying for abundance.

Viking Rune Jewelry,Aurora Crystal Orgone Pendant,Green Opal Tree of Life Orgonite Necklace

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Explore your inner soul through different energies,
Thus “let go of the past, grasp the present, and change the future.”

This orgonite pendant has the energy of rune stones and is full of rune blessings, activating different possibilities for your life!

Carry the orgonite pendant on your body, bag, pocket, or in any form, and you will be able to get the energy of the runes to protect you at all times and bring you the positive influence of the symbolic meaning of the symbol.

Feof: Create wealth and protect tangible assets. Money, money, wealth, success and prosperity in all aspects of finance.

Ur: Find the inner sun, giving hope and persistence. Be fearless and brave, bringing strength and courage to real life.

Thorn: Protection, shelter, defense. It symbolizes the vitality of life, resolves crises and prevents oneself from being harmed.

Ansur: The symbol of human wisdom and the branch and pillar of wisdom. Related to travel, tourism, and moving. Help improve learning ability and wisdom.

Rad: Follow the right path and be protected on your journey. Traveling fast, connected to high-tech products, and possessing the magic power of speaking and doing good things will come true.

Ken: Restores willpower, strength, and wealth. The energy hidden in the subconscious mind explodes, clearing all negative energy, and is the guidance of light.

Gyfu: Understand the balance, peace, and kindness of life. It represents all good things and gives life through love and giving. It is related to love, tolerance and money.

Wyn: Revealing new levels of joy and happiness. Feel joy, let you know how rich and perfect life should be, and pursue happiness.

Hagal: Helps remove negative energy and create positive influences. The energy that allows life to evolve can inspire a person’s motivation to grow when life appears and needs improvement.

Nyd: Help dreams come true and balance the inner self. When you reach the goals you really want in your heart, you have the ability to change your life and make your life closer to your ideals.

Is: frozen events and excess emotions on earth. Get rid of the habit of relying on others and be willing to see the solution to things on your own.

Jera: Being well rewarded for hard work. A sense of accomplishment, the courage to do something, more willingness to take responsibility, and an optimistic attitude. Believe that your life will be successful through hard work.

Eoh: Face unexpected changes in life proactively. Be sure of your personal abilities, talents, and traits that can make you successful, and you will not be afraid of obstacles.

Peorth: There are angels, gods, goddesses of luck, opportunities, fate and other magical good luck pushing you forward from behind.

Eolh: The power of peace of mind, there is a lot of energy to face many difficulties with you, and there are many successes waiting for you in the future. Helps prevent all external negative influences.

Sigel: Increases strength, health, wealth and happiness. Pay attention to every experience, let yourself learn more, and let yourself succeed. Full of vigorous vitality.

Tyr: Protection from injustice. A rune that upholds justice, represents justice, fairness, and impartiality. Represents truth and justice.

Beorc: Grants creativity, growth and wholeness. The power of motherhood, nurturing life, nurturing important things, gently and patiently nurturing the birth of important things.

Ehwaz: Things are going to change quickly. Loyalty and perseverance, the ability to withstand many tests, and the ability to get along with others with mutual trust and respect.

Man: Brings a combination of friendship and partnership. Love, family affection, friendship, various precious friendships, emotional exchanges, morality, etc.

Lagu: Developing psychic awareness and clear insight. It symbolizes the ocean of emotions and the treasure house of resources that can nurture many lives. It can bring a lot of creativity and feelings.

Ing: Enhances the fertility and growth of the life cycle. Angels bring harmonious happiness, where both material and spiritual content can be met, abundant, and without any scarcity.

Odel: Bringing home into the heart, attracting people who have a close family-like relationship, supporting the solution of family issues, and eliminating the barriers in each other’s hearts.

Daeg: Improve creativity and start new attempts. After a lot of waiting, new opportunities finally come, and our tolerance for life increases, and we respect the different essential features of each life, person, thing, and object.

Odin: Understand and properly handle the uncertainties in life. You have complete control over your life, and you need to make a decision for yourself. When your mind is calm, you can understand the direction of life.