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The Energy and Blessings of Lapis Lazuli

|Spiritual Healing Field


・The seven major chakras of the human body: Ajna chakra, throat chakra

・Topic: Stay focused and find direction


The blessing of lapis lazuli: ⎡ Find your own life path ⎦.

The theme of lapis lazuli: concentration, ignoring interference, the power of belief, and looking at the world calmly and rationally.

Lapis Lazuli, has a charming and deep blue color, a deep blue gemstone with gold and white spots, like the bright night sky. It is also the earliest healing stone in human history, and its history can be traced back to more than 7,000 years ago.

It was used by priests and nobles in different ancient civilizations. In the eyes of the ancient Egyptians, lapis lazuli was a sacred stone, believed to be able to connect death and rebirth, and to protect the soul and allow people to embark on the right path.

The most unique thing about lapis lazuli is that it is not pure blue, but a deep blue gemstone with golden and white veins. It is as gorgeous as the Milky Way. The golden fragments and irregular white stripes in it are actually from Pyrite and calcite. Lapis lazuli was considered a “holy stone” by the ancient Egyptians and was also the earliest healing stone in human history.

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This orgonite corresponds to the Third Eye Chakra and Throat Chakra. The center of the brow is between the two eyes. It is related to our sensory intake, meditation and belief. It governs our ability to focus and macro. The third eye connects your divine self and you. Connect seamlessly and implant within you a sense of direction and the ability to make informed decisions.
Throat Chakra is related to communication skills, which is very helpful for exploring yourself and leading yourself forward.

Enhance intuition and confidence, and find direction when confused
Improve your memory and concentration, ease ups and downs of emotions, and make your brain think more clearly
Maintain clarity and the ability to discern good from evil.
Enhance self-confidence, strengthen your own beliefs, relieve stress, and develop your own potential
Adjust emotions, return to correct position, and gain a positive attitude
Strengthen communication, expression and persuasion skills

Corresponds to the fifth/sixth chakra of the seven chakras – Throat Chakra/Third Eye Chakra

Help the mind focus/improve interpersonal relationships/make decisions/bring order out of chaos/allow the mind to function effectively under stress/benefit eyesight/improve communication skills/speech expression skills/provide immunity and security/bring a sense of freedom/ Harmonize vocal lines/increase creative expression ability

Lapis lazuli is naturally composed of four minerals:

  • Dark blue Lazulite
  • White Sodalite
  • Light blue Hauynite
  • Noselite

The golden dots on the surface of lapis lazuli are due to the presence of pyrite, while the white stripes are due to the presence of more sodalite. Therefore, lapis lazuli is considered to be of superior quality because of its purity, which is less white, less gold, and deep blue.

Lapis lazuli is a symbol of wealth and authority, used by royal families to demonstrate their personal identity and status. Many golden masks inlaid with lapis lazuli were unearthed from the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. At that time, lapis lazuli was only available to the royal family and priests. The royal family likes to grind lapis lazuli into powder and make it into eye shadow, which symbolizes the eyes of the gods and their noble status. Priests also wear lapis lazuli. They believe that lapis lazuli can bring them guidance and wisdom from the gods.

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*Helps to gain glory at work, to be recognized and loved, to show one’s ability to work, and to bring luck to people.

*Opens career energy channels and brings vision to life goals.

*Improves one’s energy field, thus attracting positive people and opportunities for wealth.

*Harmonizes family relationships, stabilizes the home energy field, and purifies the field of negative energies.

*Enhances the power of thinking and concentration, helps the mind to be clear, and improves the ability to learn.

*Stabilizes the mind and the spirit, and soothes nervousness and anxiety mental strength, relieves tension and anxiety.

*Water element symbolizes the flow of wealt.

*Washes or purifies the past that is left in the energy field and no longer needs to be carried *Helps develop personal stability and mental strength.

Lapis Lazuli is known as the ``meditation stone``
because it is often considered a gemstone of wisdom and access to the depths of the soul.

In the chakra system, lapis lazuli corresponds to the ajna chakra of the human body. Its energy helps to enhance the energy of the spirit and soul, enhance insight and analytical power. In addition, lapis lazuli brings us calmness and rationality, allowing the wearer to think calmly. , calm anger and dispel irritability; and lapis lazuli also has the effect of clearing thoughts and focusing attention. For people who are often distracted, wearing it can help keep the mind clear and make people more focused and concentrated.

Balance body, mind and soul:

Eliminates anxiety, worry and stress and brings inner peace. It is regarded as a gem to balance body, mind and soul. When the thoughts in our minds are chaotic and complex, lapis lazuli can help us sort out and organize our thoughts, calm us down, and keep our thoughts clear.

Corresponding to the Ajna Chakra:

It is the representative stone of the The Third Eye/Ajna Chakra. It can strengthen people’s awareness, help them see the essence of things clearly, avoid traps, lies or situations where the truth is difficult to distinguish, and make wiser choices. It is also known as As a “Gem of Wisdom.”

Improve communication skills:

Corresponds to the Third Eye chakra. When the energy of the Third Eye chakra is smooth, you can accurately express and understand what you and others mean; when the energy is blocked, you will be unable to communicate with others smoothly and will be obsessed with your own ideas. In serious cases, you will fall into delusions. , lose the direction of life. The effect of lapis lazuli can help the wearer see and face problems clearly.

Increase creativity:

Stimulate creativity, stimulate the generation of new ideas and inspiration, make thinking more flexible, and further promote creative expression and action. The mineral components in lapis lazuli can promote blood circulation in the brain, increase the activity of brain cells, and help improve creativity. In addition, the effect of lapis lazuli in soothing emotions, eliminating anxiety and tension, relaxing the mood can also promote creation.

Improve self-confidence:

Help wearers relieve their emotions, eliminate anxiety and tension, and allow them to express themselves more confidently. In addition, lapis lazuli can help the wearer improve their insight, allowing them to make more informed decisions, thereby increasing their self-confidence. Wearing lapis lazuli orgonite helps you find your own direction and get out of confusing situations.

Brings the ability to think calmly:

Lapis Lazuli can help the owners of the Orgone Energy Pendant stay calm and stabilize their emotions, making them more rational and objective when making important decisions. Improve the ability to think calmly, so that people can examine their own status more objectively and no longer belittle themselves.

Strengthen concentration:

Lapis Lazuli corresponds to the ajna chakra of the human body, helping to develop wisdom, enhance insight, and enhance spirituality. It can help the owner of the orgonite pyramid/orgone energy pendant to eliminate distracting thoughts, concentrate, soothe emotions, eliminate anxiety and tension, so that people can think more clearly and make wiser decisions when studying, working, taking exams, etc. Perform better on things that require concentration.

Strengthen spiritual connections:

Help orgonite owners improve their spiritual realm and purify their souls, making them more successful on the road to cultivation. In addition, enhancing wisdom is also one of the effects of lapis lazuli, allowing the wearer to have a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the universe and life, develop spiritual potential, and explore the inner self.

Maintain emotional stability:

Make orgonite owners relax, soothe their emotions, eliminate anxiety and tension, and keep their emotions calm and relaxed.

Exorcise evil and attract wealth:

Lapis lazuli is considered a spiritual gemstone that can exorcise evil spirits and protect the wearer from evil forces. It has the effect of warding off evil spirits and ensuring peace. You can enhance positive energy and resist negative energy by placing an orgonite pyramid or wearing an orgone energy pendant. At the same time, lapis lazuli is a lucky stone that can bring good luck and wealth.

Enhance inspiration:

Open your mind, stimulate inspiration, and make people more inspired when engaging in creative activities. Improve the aesthetic ability of the orgonite owner and make the created works more beautiful.

Suitable for people who wear lapis lazuli orgonite

1. People who need to concentrate and improve work efficiency.

2. Occasions where you need to stay calm and make wise decisions.

3. People who want to maintain emotional stability.

4. People who need inspiration.

5. People who want to strengthen their spiritual connection.

Meditation Stone - Chakras corresponding to Ajna Chakra and Throat Chakra

Ajna Chakra – Insight and Creativity Insight and Creativity

In the chakra system, lapis lazuli corresponds to the “ajna chakra”. Its energy can enhance the energy of the spirit and soul, enhance awareness, and see through falsehoods and traps. Therefore, it is also considered to be a gemstone of wisdom and access to the depths of the soul. Lapis Lazuli brings us calmness and rationality, allowing us to think calmly and sort out the thousands of thoughts in our minds.
Placing lapis lazuli orgonite between the eyebrows can enhance energy and concentration, mental and spiritual energy, and enhance insight and analysis. Lapis lazuli and orgone energy can help people enhance their mental and spiritual energy, bring calmness and rationality, calm anger and dispel irritability, allowing us to calmly sort out the thoughts and problems in our minds. It also has the effect of clearing thoughts and focusing attention. For people who are often distracted, it helps to keep the mind clear and makes people more focused and concentrated.
When meditating at night, placing the lapis lazuli orgone energy pyramid or orgonite pendant on the forehead can bring clear energy, help practitioners develop inner vision, break through original problems, and help enter deeper thoughts.

Lapis Lazuli is also like a unified being, symbolizing the power of integration into one. In ancient Egypt, priests often affixed lapis lazuli to their foreheads to meditate quietly, hoping to receive revelations from heaven or inner inspiration. There were even legends of out-of-body experiences.
When the mind is purified and elevated, it can develop sharper insights and integrate thoughts more quickly. Meditation as the deep blue light enters the body helps us calm down and calmly observe our emotions and thoughts, allowing us to relieve chaotic thoughts, mental melancholy and extreme negative anxiety.

When the “ajna chakra” is out of balance, excessive thoughts and worries in the mind can easily lead to insomnia, migraines and other conditions. Especially people who have been traumatized are prone to self-entanglement and trouble in their minds due to mental knots. Lapis Lapis orgonite can lead us to calm down, recognize the problem and let go of paranoia. Sometimes we struggle with how to eliminate problems, but in fact what we need to learn more is to let go of problems.

Throat chakra – governs communication, relationships and the ability to express yourself.

The throat chakra is associated with purity, truth and understanding.

This orgonite pendant allows you to learn your deepest truths and express them to the world. Stands for listening and discovering the truth about the world.

When your throat chakra is blocked, you may not be able to objectively understand your thoughts or feelings.

Throat chakra healing stones include lapis lazuli and aquamarine. Known as the “Stone of Truth,” Lapis Lazuli connects you to your ability to fully express your feelings and communicate clearly with authenticity, maturity, and independence.

Even if you don’t have any direction at the moment on how to fulfill your heart’s desires and how to allow your gifted dreams to manifest, the universe will still take care of all the details.
You can trust the guidance of the universe. If you are confused, just look back to your original intention.