A natural stone that brings together ``wealth`` and ``abundance`` - Citrine

Citrine, as the name suggests, is a golden crystal. Because of its bright and dazzling yellow hue, many people throughout history have worn citrine as a symbol of wealth.

Citrine also symbolizes wealth and status, emitting yellowish cosmic energy and is also known as the “Businessman’s Stone” and “Success Stone” because of its ability to improve business and profits. It is more of an inspirational crystal. Luck rarely happens in business, more through hard work and diligence, but Citrine will get you through the tough times until you emerge victorious.

The energy of citrine is brought into oneself, which helps to attract wealth and business luck. It can also increase our ambition and make us more confident in dealing with various things in life and career.

For those who are starting a new job or learning a new interest, or are working hard to save money for a goal, citrine is the perfect natural stone to help you make up your mind.

Citrine contains a large amount of ferric iron elements, so it forms a bright yellow color, which can bring vitality and enthusiasm, making people rekindle hope in their lives and be willing to focus on making life move forward and break away from the goals they have set. Boundary frame.

The soft luster can introduce harmonious power into people’s hearts, enhance spiritual power, and make people full of confidence and joy.

Citrine Emotional and Spiritual Benefits

Citrine dissipates anger and brings vitality. It casts light into our lives and drives away negativity from our lives. Not only that, it rejuvenates the body, soul and mind and gives passionate love. By dispelling negativity, it spreads harmony and peace. You can project your intentions onto Citrine, and the crystal absorbs your intentions and dreams and transforms them into hopes and realities.

Citrine can also attract love, making you open to new relationships. It fosters a sense of responsibility and commitment that can develop into a lasting and emotionally rewarding romance.

Citrine also encourages healthy family relationships, creates an atmosphere of affection and love, and deflects hatred and jealousy. It is a stone of forgiveness and positivity that can help you recover from the pain of a broken heart or a recently ended relationship.

The effects and functions of citrine:


Citrine is a well-known wealth crystal, with a special focus on wealth. It is especially helpful for getting unexpected wealth, business luck, etc. It is especially suitable for people who are in business, sales people, etc. who need a certain amount of opportunities and luck.

Recruiting partial wealth

“Partial wealth” does not refer to work income, but other ways to obtain money in life, or unexpected wealth (for example: buying lottery tickets, investing in stocks, income from side jobs, etc.). If you hope that you can make profits through investment and speculation, or if you are running a side business and hope that you can increase your outside income, citrine balls are often purchased as good luck items.

Expand business and customer base

Citrine has the effect of “gathering wealth”, so whether you are running your own business or doing business-type work, citrine has an energy that makes people more active in expanding their business territory and brings us more of wealth.

Healing wounds

Citrine corresponds to the solar plexus chakra, helping to clear the negative energy of the solar plexus chakra and boost confidence in life. If you have been suppressed by authority or have been bullied in childhood, you will be prone to blockage. As adults, it is easy for people to develop social phobia, or lose interest in real group life and develop a sense of alienation. Citrine helps boost the energy of the solar plexus chakra, helps heal long-lasting trauma, lets go of low self-esteem, and brings positive energy.

Increase careerism

Generate the idea of ​​living a good life and increase ambition in life and work, so it is often considered to be helpful in career and wealth.

Rebuilding self-confidence

Citrine is very helpful for people who are unable to cheer up in life, or who are avoiding life problems. It can help them rebuild self-confidence and make full use of their potential.

Soothing gastrointestinal function

Citrine corresponds to the third wheel “The solar plexus chakra”, which is located lower than the center of the abdomen. Therefore, the magnetic field of citrine helps to clear the obstruction of the solar plexus chakra. When you feel discomfort in the stomach, indigestion, or dietary imbalance, you can lie flat on the bed and place the citrine in the corresponding position to help relieve gastrointestinal discomfort.

Improve ambition and action

Citrine is a symbol of wisdom and optimism. When a person feels negative and lacks self-confidence, he can use the energy of citrine to maintain sufficient energy, clear his mind, regain his ambition, and then exert himself. Leadership and potential, the courage to express yourself.

Increase optimism

Citrine is also helpful for “spiritual healing”. The energy of citrine can strengthen our optimism and mindful thinking, reduce fear and eliminate guilt. It is useful for people who are prone to mental stress or have inner trauma. Calming and healing properties.

Energy Balancing and Purification

Citrine is considered a gemstone capable of balancing and purifying energy. It helps clear negative energy from the body, mind and environment while enhancing the flow of positive energy. This makes citrine a powerful tool for aligning and balancing the mind, body and soul.

Confidence and Courage

Citrine is believed to enhance self-confidence and courage. It helps people overcome their fears, anxieties and insecurities and inspires them to face challenges with courage. This makes Citrine a valuable aid in pursuing personal growth and achieving goals.

Healing and Calming

Citrine is believed to have healing and calming abilities. It helps reduce stress, anxiety and emotional instability, bringing inner peace and tranquility. In addition, citrine is used in the body’s healing processes to promote health and balance of mind and body.

Wisdom and Creativity

Citrine is considered a stone that enhances wisdom and creativity. It is thought to help improve mental clarity and creative fluency. This makes Citrine a beneficial companion in the learning, thinking, and creative processes.

Wealth and Abundance

Some people believe that citrine attracts wealth and abundance. It is believed to promote financial and business success, attracting the flow of good luck and wealth. This makes Citrine a valuable aid for those seeking prosperity and abundance.

Citrine corresponds to chakras

Citrine is believed to be associated with the human body’s the solar plexus chakra (third chakra) .

The solar plexus chakra (Third Chakra): The solar plexus chakra is located directly above the spine, also known as the solar plexus. It is considered the center of strength and will in the human body and is involved in an individual’s self-esteem, self-confidence and personal power. Citrine is seen as associated with the solar plexus chakra, its yellow energy echoing the light and power of the Sun. Wearing or using Citrine helps balance and activate the energy of the solar plexus chakra, enhances self-esteem, courage and self-confidence, and promotes the development of personal will and determination.

Citrine dominates the solar plexus chakra, has the effect of eliminating anxiety and assisting the gastrointestinal and other digestive tracts. Therefore, placing citrine in conjunction with the placement of the God of Wealth at home or in the office can greatly increase wealth. The vibration frequency of its kinetic energy affects the human solar plexus. It is a rational body, controls wealth, and can create unexpected wealth.

Citrine is regarded as a representative of the earth element and has the properties and energy of earth. Citrine is considered to have stabilizing, balancing and gentle energies, which can help balance the mind, body and soul, providing stability and peace of mind. Citrine’s energy is also believed to aid in fertility, increase productivity and creativity, and provide a stable foundation.

The earth element represents stabilizing, regulating and nourishing energy. It is associated with the earth, the changing seasons, growth and harvest. Earth attributes include stability, patience, trust, closeness to nature, balance and gentleness.
Choosing citrine as the crystal representing the earth element can be used to balance and enhance the energy of the earth element. This can provide stability, security, and connectedness in one’s personal life. At the same time, the energy of citrine can also help promote harvests, stabilize wealth and enhance creativity. ‘

Citrine has always been called a fortune crystal because the energy it possesses can help us rebuild our solar plexus and create a desire to live a better life. By increasing our ambition and work ethic, we will naturally be able to function in society. Gradually building a good reputation will increase your wealth.

In terms of energy, it can help us open up energy blockages and bring out the originally hidden spiritual qualities. It is of great help to people who cannot cheer up or escape from life problems. It can help them rebuild their self-confidence and re-energize the solar plexus. The power of healing wounds and bringing positive energy.