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Spirit of the sea │Aquamarine

Communication • Courage • Awareness • Self-Expression

The name Aquamarine comes from the Latin word for sea water, where “Aqua” means water and “Marine” means ocean. This beautiful gem has a blue luster like sea water, symbolizing the essence of sea water. It also symbolizes the vastness and tolerance of the sea. Therefore, ancient sailors would regard aquamarine as an amulet to pray for safe navigation, and people traveling far away would also wear it to pray for a smooth journey. Therefore, aquamarine has another nickname called “the stone of courage”, which means it is calm, brave, and smart. meaning. Condensing the essence of sea water, she possesses the power of the sea, calling out the vitality hidden in people’s hearts and alleviating the injustice in their hearts.

Legend has it that aquamarine is produced on the bottom of the sea and is the essence [gift] of sea water. Navigators called it the “stone of fortune”, so navigators used it to pray to the sea god for safe navigation. It is also the “birthstone of March”, symbolizing “calmness and courage”, “happiness and longevity”, and is a very special existence in nature.

There lives a group of mermaids on the deep blue seabed. They usually use aquamarine as their jewelry to dress themselves up. Once they encounter a critical moment, they only need to let the gemstones receive sunlight to obtain mysterious power to help them. Therefore, aquamarine is also known as mermaid stone, which coincides with the Pisces in March.

Aquamarine’s calming energy relieves stress. It symbolizes the deep blue of the sea, which is so calm that it can calm people’s chaotic emotions. Radiates an energy of gentleness and compassion, and has an affinity for highly sensitive people. It can help people who are too concerned about other people’s feelings or worried about the burdens of life to gain physical and mental peace. At the same time, aquamarine is also known as the stone of communication, which can help the wearer express his thoughts clearly and improve the relationship with others.

Aquamarine is known as the stone of the brave. Its irresistible fresh and pure blue color makes people feel peaceful and peaceful. It symbolizes calmness, bravery and intelligence, and people who easily shrink back when encountering things. Wearing aquamarine can make people have foresight and firm confidence.

Aquamarine is a gemstone of the water element, and anyone who needs the water element can gain energy by using an aquamarine orgone pyramid or wearing an orgonite pendant.

Strengthen communication, expression and persuasion skills.

Improve the ups and downs of emotions, making the brain’s thoughts clearer.

The effect of enhancing self-confidence and strengthening one’s own beliefs.

Helps target the body’s throat, thyroid and respiratory systems.

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1. Strengthening communication, expression and persuasion skills is the most important effect of Aquamarine.

The corresponding position of aquamarine in the chakra system is the ``throat chakra``, and the throat chakra is related to people's ability to communicate, express and persuade. Wearing aquamarine can help balance or strengthen the energy of the throat chakra, enhance our ability to express, and make communication more efficient. Smooth. Therefore, Aquamarine is very suitable for occupations that require constant talking or work by voice, such as business, lecturers, teachers, singers, lawyers, etc.

In terms of spiritual practice, because the ``throat chakra`` is the conversion station between spiritual power and physical strength, developing the ``throat chakra`` will help spiritual practitioners make comprehensive progress and enhance personal ``understanding.``

2. It can ease the ups and downs of emotions and make the brain think more clearly.

When many people are upset, they will go to the beach to take a look at the calm and wide sea. Aquamarine also has the same effect. It can ease our emotional fluctuations. When you feel confused and unable to think rationally because of your mood, you might as well use aquamarine to lightly touch your forehead or the back of your head or neck. The energy of crystals restores calm to our emotions.

3. Aquamarine has the effect of enhancing self-confidence and strengthening one’s own beliefs.

Aquamarine has powerful healing and purifying powers. For those who are prone to shrinking from things, often deny themselves, or have low self-confidence for a long time, wearing aquamarine can help us find our inner true voice and face ourselves honestly. It has the effect of strengthening self-confidence, making people more certain of their own value and firming up their own ideas.

4. Helps target the body’s throat, thyroid and respiratory systems.

As mentioned above, aquamarine corresponds to the throat chakra of the body, so wearing aquamarine is beneficial to the maintenance of the throat, respiratory system, thyroid, and teeth. In addition, some people pointed out that the ancient Romans would place aquamarine above the stomach to relieve stomach pain. In fact, this was more or less due to its ability to relieve tension.

Recommended usage

  • Wearing an aquamarine orgone energy necklace to travel and cross the ocean is said to have the effect of making the journey calm and safe.
  • When writing or creating ideas are blocked, you can hold the aquamarine orgonite pyramid in your hands and play with it, or you can use it to massage the temples on both sides of your head, which will help restore inspiration and make ideas flow.
  • When you feel that your brain is confused and confused, you can use the aquamarine orgone energy necklace and aquamarine orgonite pyramid to touch your forehead, which will help purify the brain energy and restore fresh thinking.
  • When you are too emotionally dependent on others and are easily affected by any actions of others, you can wear the Aquamarine Orgone energy necklace on your body at any time to balance your own emotions and not be too affected by external influences.
  • People who tend to shrink back when things happen can hang this sapphire orgone energy necklace on their body to strengthen their confidence and strengthen their self-confidence.
  • Put the aquamarine orgone energy necklace and aquamarine orgonite pyramid on your forehead to meditate, which will help improve your awareness and psychic ability.