Amethyst|Gem of love and amulet to protect the soul

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Develop wisdom · Calm and soothe the mind · Enhance interpersonal relationships

Amethyst is a purple gemstone that has the meaning of tranquility and security.
Because amethyst represents “wisdom” and “wealth”, it is one of the most popular crystals among many crystals.

The name amethyst comes from the Greek word “not drunk”. In the past, people in Europe believed that amethyst had the power to prevent drunkenness because of its wine-like color.

Amethyst has been worn by people as amulets for a long time to ward off evil spirits and improve luck. Whether in Eastern or Western countries, purple is regarded as the symbol of the highest status. People think that the most beautiful and noble purple is the purple light emitted by amethyst, which often represents the symbol of “holiness and power”.

According to legend, Bacchus, the god of wine in Greek mythology, who was famous for his drunkenness, met the beautiful girl Amethyst on his way home one day, and took advantage of his drunkenness to molest the girl; however, the girl had already sworn her life. To remain chaste, she sought help from the Moon Goddess, hoping to protect herself from Dionysus.

The compassionate Moon Goddess heard her prayer and turned her into a transparent crystal, representing a pure and pure mind.

Upon seeing this, the God of Dionysus knew that he had done something wrong, and realized that he should no longer do evil, so he poured the divine wine in his hand on the crystal, and used pure divine power to remind himself to stay awake and rational, and not to make any more mistakes. A miracle happened, and the crystal It immediately turned into the purple color of wine, emitting a magical light.

Since then, this piece of amethyst has become a gemstone symbolizing chastity. The English name of amethyst comes from the Greek Amethystos, which means “not drunk”.

This beautiful legend has been passed down, and amethyst has always been considered to have the function of preventing drunkenness. The ancient Greeks believed that as long as they wore an amethyst ring or necklace, or used a drinking vessel made of amethyst to drink wine, they would be able to drink a thousand cups without getting drunk and maintain their sanity and purity.

Amethyst has therefore become a cherished love talisman. It not only represents the protection of the purity and nobility of the soul, but also symbolizes persistence and commitment to love.

Amethyst has many functions. Because amethyst is a wisdom-type magnetic field, its energy is relative to the ajna chakra and crown chakra in the seven-wheel system, so it is also called the “stone of wisdom” and is the crystallization of inspiration and wisdom. It mainly develops wisdom and wealth. It can strengthen memory, help thinking and increase memory ability. It can develop wisdom, help thinking, concentrate thoughts, activate the operation of brain cells, strengthen memory, help people, stabilize emotions, improve intuition, and thereby increase the number of people. It is self-confident and stimulates creativity, so it is very popular among students. It can also effectively calm the nerves and improve sleep quality. It is especially suitable for students and office workers who often cannot concentrate and need to use their brains for a long time. It has a good regulating effect.

(1) Amethyst represents high-level, spiritual, and spiritual love, and can be used as a token of love or token for admirers.

(2) People have always used amethyst as a talisman and ward off evil spirits because they believe it can drive away evil spirits and enhance personal luck.

(3) Amethyst can eliminate domineering, bring nobility, strengthen tolerance and tolerance, and is most conducive to leadership, enhance popularity, and promote interpersonal relationships. It can also make subordinates work hard for you. It has the “reason” in traditional physiognomy. It means “expensive wealth”.

(4) Letting children wear amethyst jewelry can help soothe their playful and fun-loving hearts, develop wisdom, enhance memory and attention, study hard, and enhance exam luck.

(5) Different shades of purple light can correspond to the ajna chakra and crown chakra. It is said to strengthen memory and concentration, improve brain lesions and aging, and also have a soothing effect on headaches, migraines and other symptoms.

(6) Placing amethyst holes and amethyst flowers in your home, office, or store at the end of the aisle has the effect of attracting wealth and popularity, and also means gathering wealth.

(7) When there is conflict or evil in the indoor Feng Shui, you can place a crystal ball in front of the amethyst cave and place it together on the path of the evil to resolve the conflict. effect.

Amethyst is also a “social stone”, which can create good relationships and attract noble people. People who are in supervisory positions can eliminate domineering, bring nobility, and strengthen tolerance by wearing amethyst.

Amethyst is also known as the “Stone of Awakening”, representing wisdom, helping to clear the crown chakra, helping to clear the mind, helping to think and improve the spiritual level.
It dominates the world of the right brain, that is, intuition and subconsciousness. People who use their brains are especially suitable to wear amethyst, which can help people achieve mental concentration in thinking and improve the vitality of their brains. Similar to the frequency of brain waves, it has the effect of calming the nerves and alleviating bad tempers. It can treat insomnia and get rid of annoying nightmares. It helps develop wisdom, potential, enhance memory, and can also help people get rid of bad habits, such as alcoholism. , smoking, indulgence and other bad habits.

  • Calm down, improve sleep quality, develop wisdom, stimulate creativity, and increase confidence.
  • Corresponds to the Anja chakra, strengthens memory, and has a regulating effect on inability to concentrate and low learning ability.
  • Can make a lot of people, suitable for: art, literary workers, business workers, students.

Amethyst is also a stone of social interaction, but the social interaction here does not refer to the popularity brought by rose quartz, but the introverted type of attraction that comes from the heart. Wearing it regularly will help you meet noble people, increase your wit, and improve your skills. Intuition and shallow awareness.
Amethyst also represents the “guardian stone of love” and can bestow deep love, chastity, honesty and courage between couples and couples.

Amethyst is considered to be a healing stone corresponding to the “Crown Chakra” and “Ajna Chakra” of the human body. It can help enhance the energy of the Crown Chakra, allowing the hidden light of wisdom to unfold, and not be confused by worldly and ignorant thoughts.

Amethyst helps us think calmly and rationally, avoid making decisions due to nervousness or emotional impulse, and allows us to maintain a clear state and maintain a calm and self-disciplined mentality.

Amethyst helps us focus our thoughts, improve work efficiency, and stimulate the vitality of brain cells and thinking. It is very useful for students and people who consume mental energy.

Main functions of amethyst

  • Improve intuition and subconscious mind
  • Stimulate creativity and increase confidence
  • Calm down and help you fall asleep
  • Develop wisdom, potential, and enhance memory
  • Recruit noble people and improve interpersonal relationships
  • Improve leadership skills
  • Enhance the relationship with your significant other

Healing and Protection: We can use amethyst orgone energy pyramids and orgonite pendants to perform healing work on the mind or body. It is also seen as a tool that protects against negative energies.

Enhance creativity: Amethyst orgone energy pyramid and orgonite pendants stimulate creativity and imagination, so use in art and creative work may bring some inspiration.

Improve sleep: Placing amethyst orgone energy pyramids and orgonite pendants in the bedroom may help create a peaceful, relaxing environment and help improve sleep quality.

Spiritual Practice: In some spiritual practices, amethyst orgone energy pyramids and orgonite pendants are regarded as items with spiritual energy that can be used for meditation, prayer or other rituals.

Decoration and Collection: In addition to functional uses, amethyst orgone energy pyramids and orgonite pendants are often used as decorations or collections. Its unique color and shape make it an attractive piece of art.

Absorb negative energy

Amethyst is considered a healing stone corresponding to the crown chakra. It can clear the energy of the crown chakra, absorb and purify negative energy, activate brain energy, clear negative energy blocked in the body or mind, and release negative emotions such as stress and anxiety. , anger and sadness. When you feel down or stressed, holding or wearing an amethyst orgone energy pyramid and orgonite pendant can help you relieve your emotions and gain peace and tranquility. It is helpful for people who need to work a lot with their brains or who have long-term mental weakness.

Cleanses and protects energy fields

Amethyst can purify and protect the energy field from negative energy. When you feel low in energy or affected by negative energy, you can wear amethyst jewelry or place an amethyst pendant on your body, which can help you purify and protect your energy field and resist negative energy.

Relax your mood and calm your mind

Amethyst can condense energy, make the originally weak energy stronger, and relieve tense emotions. Amethyst has the effect of relieving physical and mental stress, helping people relax physically and mentally and eliminate fatigue. As long as you come into contact with his energy, you will feel your head is clear and not groggy. When you feel tired or stressed, holding the amethyst orgone energy pyramid and orgonite pendant in your hands or placing it on your desk can help you find calm and relaxation when you feel stressed and anxious. Amethyst orgone energy pyramid and orgonite pendants can be placed in your home or office. The energy of amethyst can help you release negative emotions, relieve stress, promote physical and mental health, and bring positive energy.

Meditation and Expansion of Consciousness

Holding or gazing at the amethyst orgone energy pyramid and orgonite pendant during meditation can help you enter a deep state of relaxation more easily. The energy of amethyst has the effect of purifying the mind, making you more focused and easier to relax during meditation. Amethyst can also promote the expansion of consciousness and help you gain inspiration and wisdom from the universe.

Promote sleep

Amethyst can help you improve your sleep quality. Putting an amethyst orgone energy pyramid or wearing an amethyst orgonite pendant can help you feel the peaceful and harmonious energy while sleeping. The energy of amethyst can help you avoid nightmares and bring about a peaceful sleep.

Pain relief

Amethyst is also believed to have pain-relieving properties. When you feel pain, placing the Amethyst Orgonite Energy Pyramid and Orgonite Pendant on the painful area can help you relieve pain and promote healing. The energy of amethyst can help you relieve muscle soreness, joint pain, and other types of pain.

Develop potential and enhance capabilities

Amethyst can help strengthen the clarity of thinking, clean up the negative energy blocked in the body or spirit, make it less likely to be nervous and make wrong decisions when facing problems, and make people’s performance in the workplace smoother.

Boost immune system and overall health

Amethyst can help strengthen the immune system and promote overall health. The energy of amethyst can help you fight off disease and promote the body’s ability to repair itself. Wearing an amethyst orgonite pendant or placing an amethyst orgonite energy pyramid in your home can help you stay healthy and stay away from disease.

Great popularity in the workplace

The popularity of amethyst is not the type of increasing peach blossoms, but the type of “luck for noble people” in the workplace, which helps to meet noble people and form good relationships.

Protect love and enhance feelings

Amethyst is also known as the “guardian stone of love.” It can give lovers and couples deep feelings, honesty and courage, help both parties establish a reciprocal relationship, and also clarify their own emotional needs and desires.

Enhance career luck

Amethyst is also a crystal that is conducive to leadership control. Therefore, for those who hold supervisors and leadership positions, wearing an amethyst orgone energy pendant can help eliminate domineering, bring nobility, strengthen tolerance and tolerance, and help gain the trust of subordinates. and obey.

Calm and relax

Amethyst is considered a calming stone, helping people reduce stress, relax, and increase feelings of calm.

Improve wisdom and spirituality

The stone that dominates the right-brain world, amethyst is believed to help enhance wisdom and spirituality, help with in-depth thinking and meditation, activate intuition and subconsciousness, and increase memory.

Prevent drunkenness

Influenced by the legends of the ancient Greeks, some people believed that amethyst could prevent drunkenness.

Amulets and lucky charms

The amethyst orgone energy pyramid and orgonite pendant is considered a talisman and good luck charm, capable of protecting one from evil and misfortune.

Enhance concentration and memory

Amethyst can enhance concentration and memory, helping people improve learning and work efficiency. When you need concentration or memory, you can wear an amethyst orgonite pendant or place an amethyst orgonite energy pyramid in your study and workplace, which can help you improve your concentration and memory.

Promote sleep

Amethyst can promote sleep and help people get a deeper sleep. When you have insomnia or poor sleep quality, you can place an amethyst orgone energy pyramid and orgonite pendant on your bedside table or under your pillow, which can help you relieve sleep problems and get a deeper sleep.

Meditation and calm

Amethyst is considered a stone that aids in meditation and promotes inner peace. It is believed to help people achieve meditative states, deepen spiritual experiences, and promote inner peace.

Intuition and insight

Amethyst is believed to unlock and enhance people’s intuition and insight. It is regarded as a gemstone that helps people connect with intuitive wisdom and increase spiritual awareness.

Spiritual growth and balance

Amethyst is believed to aid an individual’s spiritual growth and balance. It is regarded as a gemstone that can help people transcend difficulties and challenges, promoting emotional stability and spiritual balance.

Defense and protection

In some beliefs, amethyst is believed to have defensive and protective powers. It is considered a stone that can repel negative energies, provide a protective barrier, and protect people from spiritual attacks.

Love and emotion

Amethyst is also thought to be associated with love and emotion. It is regarded as a stone that promotes love, communication and emotional connection, and can help people build good relationships and improve their ability to love themselves.

The amethyst orgone energy pyramid and orgonite pendant are believed to have the power to balance and calm emotions. It can help people relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and bring inner peace and tranquility. Through the energy of amethyst, people can gain emotional stability and harmony, as well as better emotional health. In addition, amethyst is also regarded as a crystal that inspires wisdom and creativity. It stimulates thinking, increases insight and problem-solving skills. The energy of amethyst can improve concentration and creative performance, helping people realize their better potential in learning, work and creation.

Amethyst is also considered a gemstone with spiritual energy. It enhances psychic and intuitive abilities and helps people connect with their inner spiritual dimension.

The energy of the amethyst orgone energy pyramid and orgonite pendant can help people meditate deeply, find spiritual guidance and balance the energy field, thereby gaining inner balance and insight.

In addition to this, amethyst is believed to have the ability to purify and protect. It purifies negative energy, dispels negative emotions, and protects the body from negative external influences.

The energy field of the amethyst orgone energy pyramid and orgonite pendant can create a positive, balanced and harmonious environment, providing protection and support.

The magical power of amethyst lies not only in releasing burdens in the heart and embracing mindfulness, but also in its powerful ability to condense and release energy.
Amethyst, as a natural crystal, has the ability to store and release energy, which resonates with the human body’s energy field, thus promoting the free flow of energy.

The energy of amethyst is gentle and stable, which can help people release negative emotions, relieve physical and mental stress, enhance concentration and memory, promote sleep, purify and protect the energy field.
Amethyst has significant effects on treating physical, mental and spiritual diseases. It can help people reduce stress and anxiety, relieve pain and inflammation, and promote physical recovery. In addition, amethyst can also help people treat insomnia and nightmares and improve sleep quality.

Amethyst energy is also calming and relaxing. It can help people relieve tension, eliminate fatigue, and promote physical and mental relaxation. In meditation or yoga practice, amethyst can help people enter a deep meditative state faster and achieve deeper relaxation and healing.

The magical power of amethyst is also reflected in enhancing spiritual awareness and intuition. It can help people open up higher consciousness, improve intuition, and enhance spiritual cognition. Amethyst is often used in divination and spiritual practice to help people gain deeper wisdom and insight.

Amethyst inspires wisdom and greater understanding, and is helpful to those grieving the loss of a loved one. Its presence provides comfort, as it subconsciously conveys that there is no death, everything is just transition and physical change. message. ​

Amethyst can directly communicate with the soul. It is ideal to hold or meditate with it since a near-death experience. It has a calming effect on the mind and is used to help people who are overworked, over-stressed, or overwhelmed by too much logical thinking in their minds. It is also one of the best minerals for relieving tension, mental anxiety or migraines.

Amethyst is especially helpful for those who suffer from recurring nightmares; Amethyst and Rose Quartz are very good friends. While the gentle purple of Amethyst calms the mind, the soft pink of Rose Quartz will be even more soothing. The effect, used together or meditated with, will bring balance to the mental and emotional energy.

In short, amethyst is a crystal with strong energy. It can help people improve physical, mental and spiritual health, release negative emotions, promote energy flow, enhance spiritual awareness, and open up higher consciousness.
If you want to experience the energy of amethyst, you can choose to wear an amethyst orgonite pendant, place an amethyst orgone energy pyramid at home or in the office, or use an amethyst orgone energy pyramid during meditation and yoga. The energy of amethyst will help you find a deeper sense of peace and tranquility.

Best time to use:

◆ When work and life are too stressful

◆ When family life is not harmonious

◆ Need to improve concentration and thinking skills

◆ Problems with mental depression or easy drowsiness

◆When you need creativity and inspiration

Amethyst calms the mind and enhances meditation and visualization abilities.

Amethyst removes mental damage and resolves anger, rage, fear and hatred.

Amethyst increases the ability to absorb new ideas. Connect the relationship between cause and effect and enhance the impartiality and selflessness.

Amethyst maintains sobriety and moderation. Relieve physical and emotional pain.

Amethyst increases hormone production, strengthens the functions of excretory organs and circulatory system, calms the nervous system, and integrates dissipated energy.

Amethyst helps with insomnia, poor hearing, endocrine glands, digestive tract, heart and cell disorders.

Amethyst has high energy. Compared with the ajna chakra and the crown chakra in the seven-wheel system, its energy can not only develop wisdom, help thinking, concentrate, and increase memory ability, but also increase the vitality of brain cells and the operation of the brain. , for students and office workers who need to use their brains for a long time, amethyst is an indispensable crystal gem weapon.

The ajna chakra is located in the middle of the forehead, also known as the third eye position. This chakra is considered the center of intuition and insight in the human body and is associated with spiritual awareness, spiritual awakening, and extrasensory perception abilities.

The color and energy of amethyst align with the qualities of the sixth chakra. It is believed to stimulate and balance the energies of the sixth chakra to promote the growth of intuitive abilities, insight and spiritual awareness.

Placing an amethyst orgone energy pyramid at the ajna chakra, or wearing an amethyst orgonite pendant, can help balance and activate this energy center. It can help clear and purify the energy of the sixth chakra to promote the development of intuitive abilities and insight. This may manifest as heightened perception, clearer thinking, and deeper understanding.

The energy of amethyst is also associated with spiritual awakening and spiritual growth. It helps people connect with their inner spiritual dimension and increase their awareness of themselves and the world around them. Through the energy of amethyst, people can deepen their meditative states, explore inner realms of wisdom and spirituality, and gain deeper insights.

Everyone’s experience and feelings may vary. Some people may have a deeper connection and influence with the energy of amethyst with other chakras or energy centers. It depends on the individual’s status, needs and energy system. Therefore, when choosing to wear and use amethyst orgone energy pyramid and orgonite pendants, it is recommended to listen to your own inner intuition and needs, and adjust the use method according to your personal experience.

Amethyst is also associated with the crown chakra, which is the highest of the seven major chakras in the body. The crown chakra is located at the top of the head and is considered the center of connection with spiritual consciousness, wisdom and the soul.

Amethyst’s energy field widely covers the body, and its high vibrational frequency can penetrate the seven chakras, so in some cases it can also be associated with other chakras. The energy of Amethyst promotes overall balance and flow of energy, supporting integration on the physical, mind and spiritual levels.