golden orgone,yellow crystal orgonite

Change Your Self Talk | Money

❌Not enough money.
I always have no money.

✔️I develop the habit of keeping accounts.
I spend my money where it’s really necessary.

❌Money is the root of all evil.
Money is something external to oneself.

✔️Money is an extension of love.
I enjoy material and spiritual abundance.

❌It’s hard to become rich.
Making money is hard.

✔️Accumulate small money into big money.
I focus on achieving my goals and values.

❌I need money to make money.
There is no money to be made in my industry.

✔️I have good inspiration to create business opportunities.
I get my income from different sources.

Suggestions for the future:

?Use new ways to think, interpret and express, and see new possibilities.
⚠️Don’t respond to what happens in your life in a habitual way.

?Be kind to yourself, take opportunities to affirm yourself, and motivate yourself.
⚠️Don’t limit yourself or beat yourself up because you feel like you’re not ready.

?Trust your intuition, plan carefully, and take risks within the limits of your ability.
⚠️Don’t choose the voice of fear and get stuck in a cycle of powerlessness.

?Welcome change and embrace your uniqueness and originality.
⚠️Don’t be afraid to be different from others, don’t hide or try to fit in.

Limiting beliefs cause our subconscious to choose the wrong way.
cause things to fail,
Use the orgonite pyramid to heal limiting beliefs with great results.

Wealth Energy Talisman,Yellow orgonite energy necklace,Customize handmade orgone pendant

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Labradorite has a unique “color-changing phenomenon”. Labradorite contains a variety of energies, and it can shine with colorful light like the sun. Since ancient times, labradorite has been considered an energy gemstone with a high degree of “money-gathering power.” The spiritual energy it emits is said to be able to gather wealth, attract noble people, and enhance the wearer’s overall energy.

This orgonite pendant exudes the golden light of attracting wealth, and combined with the colorful light of labradorite, it can help attract positive wealth, partial wealth, career, ward off evil, health, popularity and protect against villains. It can be used as an amulet or lucky charm.

Bring wealth, help career luck, expand business and customer sources, and strengthen confidence and courage.
Increase optimism, replenish physical strength, improve concentration, and enhance ambition and action.
Strengthen physical strength and vitality, and increase perspective on things.
Stimulate imagination, bring new ideas and highly creative energy.
Raise your personal frequency and strengthen your own insight so that your thoughts, intuition, and wisdom can be clear, avoid being confused by the appearance of things, and at the same time determine the root cause of the problem.
It can drive away evil spirits and turn evil spirits into evil spirits. The amulet keeps you safe and protects you from villains.


Corresponds to the third chakra of the seven chakras – The Solar Plexus Chakra

Abundance and Wealth / Solve Problems and Start a New Start / Help with Learning / Relieve Nervous Tension / Achieve Goals and Ideals

We always have everything we need, remind yourself:

I am grateful for everything I have, I cherish everything I have, and I accept what has happened and who I am now.