Energy Crystal · Black Obsidian

Obsidian (Black Obsidian), comes from volcanic lava crystal. It also has a beautiful name “the gem that no longer cries”, which is the name and legend of obsidian by the Indians.

It is well known that obsidian has the effect of warding off evil spirits and resisting negative energy, which can help us break away from our original lifestyle and completely move towards our future goals.

When facing changes, people often hesitate due to the involvement of human relationships, emotions, etc., or are afraid of the unknown future, because we always tend to hold on to a sense of security, which comes from deep within. fear. Obsidian will help us face everything, face our deepest fears, problems that we cannot handle, or face our own humanity. Obsidian is like a warrior, teaching us to let go and let our hearts grow.

Obsidian has a calm color and extremely strong energy. It can produce powerful energy to resist and absorb negative energy, eliminate stress, fatigue and turbidity. It can also improve mental and physical strength, stabilize emotions, improve interpersonal relationships, and prevent villains. For people who are unlucky, wearing an obsidian orgone energy pendant can enhance their luck. It functions like a mirror, reflecting negative energy, protecting our spiritual space, and helping negative energy to harm us. You can also use the orgonite pyramid as a barrier to protect your home. It is a guardian stone in daily life.

Black Tourmaline Orgonite Pyramid,With Metal Copper Obsidian Quartz Orgone Energy Tower


This orgonite pyramid emits black light. The Black Light is a symbol of transformation, which means bringing goals and desires into the physical world on the earth plane. It can give you tremendous strength to stand firm in what you believe in.
Black light does not mean that it is dark or heavy. On the contrary, it absorbs all energy and transforms it. It is like a regulating filter and a pillar that supports us to implement balanced energy on the earth and allows us to stand firm. In the material world. And when we take root well, we will have the strength to realize our goals and desires, so that we can continue to improve and enter new levels of consciousness through experience.

Exudes deep and steady energy, helping to relieve stress, anxiety and negative emotions.
Help us see our current situation clearly, break away from the previous life trajectory, and completely move towards our future goals.
To attract wealth, let us focus on the present and enhance our personal belief, self-confidence and decisiveness.
Corresponds to the Root Chakra on the body and enhances the energy of the Root Chakra.
Refresh: Eliminate physical or psychological illness and turbidity.
It is famous for warding off evil spirits and protecting its master from villains.
It has strong absorption ability and balances the magnetic field around the human body.

Place the obsidian orgone energy pyramid in the four corners of the room to stabilize your own space energy and purify the space.

When to use:
1. Hope that life will change completely
2. Hope to get rid of the current lifestyle
3. Facing major changes in life
4. Negative energy damage

Obsidian quartz pyramid,seven chakras symbol Ornaments

The black hole within each person is the state of not yet identifying with the source of light, which is the dark side of fear and selfishness.

Obsidian will bring light to those fears and prove that fear is nothing more than illusion and misunderstanding of truth. Obsidian’s best feature is its ability to hold and reflect large amounts of light. Unlike other minerals that absorb light, obsidian can attract and reflect light while storing and retaining its own powerful light energy. Obsidian personally demonstrates how to use light energy appropriately and respectfully. In this way, it can assist the transformation of human consciousness, giving people the ability to use cosmic energy to open doors and enter future possibilities beyond imagination.

The effects of obsidian

1. Cleanse negative energy
Obsidian is a crystal that resists the erosion of negative energy. The energy of obsidian is strong and pure, and it has a breakthrough effect in absorbing negative energy. Wizards believe that obsidian can get rid of the entanglement of negative abilities and can exorcise evil spirits. Obsidian can help us cleanse negative energy from our bodies and remove bad luck and bad luck.

2. Dare to face reality
Obsidian can help us see our current situation clearly, break away from the previous life trajectory, and completely move towards our future goals. We always stay in the comfort zone of life and are hesitant about relationships, and wearing an obsidian bracelet can teach us to face reality, requiring us to see our inner fears and make brave decisions.

3. Helps with physical and mental illnesses
Obsidian has great healing power. It corresponds to the root chakra in the body and can help us get rid of physical or mental illness and turbidity.

4. To ward off evil spirits and protect against evildoers.
Obsidian is famous for its ability to ward off evil spirits. He is the black knight who protects us and ensures that we are not violated. Among Buddhist cultural relics, many people use obsidian as a treasure for their houses. To this day, it is still the best gem enshrined in Buddhism to protect it from villains.

5. Help eliminate negative energy in the environment
Obsidian has a powerful energy field that can absorb and eliminate negative energy in the surrounding environment, such as negative emotions or atmosphere, or EMF electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices.

6. Promote physical, mental and spiritual balance
Obsidian can help balance the body, mind, and spirit, eliminate negative energy and worries, and make you feel calmer and more relaxed.

7. Improve mental strength
Obsidian is also believed to increase mental strength and willpower, helping you better cope with difficulties and challenges.

8. Strengthen mobility
The powerful and pure energy of obsidian can eliminate inherent obstacles and prevent evil spirits from taking advantage of the situation. It has a calming effect and can help people enter deep consciousness more easily and calm people down. Make people live in harmony with each other. It enhances the charisma and centripetal force of leadership and helps career. It is also called the leadership stone.

The healing power of chakra crystal orgone energy,
when the life energy is harmonious, life will be smoother!

The Root Chakra ( Muladhara Chakra) · The foundation of security

Obsidian, the Stone of Protection, Obsidian is good for cleansing and balance.

Connected to the first chakra, Muladhara, this energy center is associated with the fulfillment and realization of the earth, matter, existence, and the individual self. Obsidian acts like a magnet attracting spiritual energy into the body. And it is controlled by consciousness and applied to physical actions. When these higher energies are implemented into the form of the world, they can improve the quality of life on Earth by infusing more light energy into the physical realm. When obsidian is placed at lower chakra points, it channels the subtler energies of the higher chakras into the primal energy centers to refine and purify the lower self.

Muladhara represents our foundation of existence and security, so using Obsidian on this chakra can help increase our control over our lives and bodies and increase our alertness to potential risks in our environment.

Obsidian should only be used when a person has been taught about its power and is prepared to deal with the changes that this mineral often ruthlessly puts people through. Since it is ruled by Pluto, the purpose of Obsidian is to lead the mind through the dark areas of the subconscious and establish self-identity in the superconscious. As a Plutonian teacher, Obsidian does not cater to the lower self. Instead, it bluntly and often incoherently points out where the individual self is and where it needs to change in order to take the next step in growth and evolution.

Obsidian is also connected to the center of the earth, corresponding to our survival needs, security and stability. It helps ground us firmly, allowing us to remain stable in the face of life’s changes and challenges. In addition, obsidian also helps us connect with our inner self and inner truth, improving our self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

Long-term use of orgone energy pyramid/orgone energy pendant can strengthen our control over our own life and body, increase our alertness to potential risks, clean up negative energy, and enhance security and stability.

Obsidian orgonie provides you with shelter, soothes your uneasiness and provides emotional support during times of suffering.