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Become aware of your limiting beliefs about money

「I have a great life, I am a money magnet.」

❌I don’t deserve money.

❌I need to sacrifice to make money.

❌Money causes conflict.

❌Money would make me persona non grata.

❌Making money is hard work.

❌I’ll never make a million.

❌Trying to make money is not a healthy goal.

❌Wealth is power, and power corrupts.

❌Money makes me shallow and greedy.

❌Money won’t like me.

❌Money attracts a lot of fake friends.

❌I’m afraid that having money will make me look down on others.

❌Money creates misunderstandings and jealousy.

❌Money will make me vain and proud.

❌If my original family didn’t have money, I wouldn’t have either.

❌You can’t make money doing what you love.

❌Money is evil.

❌Money will make my life worse.

❌Having money doesn’t make me happy.

❌Money is a limited resource.

❌I will never have enough money.

❌Work hard to make money.

❌Money is not important.

❌If you choose to be grateful, you will not have money.

❌I will never have extra money.

❌Wanting to make money is selfish.

❌Wanting money is greedy.

❌I cannot be rich when others are poor.

❌Money creates a lot of problems.

❌I don’t have the ability to get rich.

Limiting beliefs cause our subconscious to choose the wrong way.
cause things to fail,
Use the orgonite pyramid to heal limiting beliefs with great results.

At the same time,
Try saying to yourself every day:

I am fully receptive and welcome money in all its forms in my life.
I believe in myself that starting from now on, I will attract more income into my life.
I can create more wealth into my life.
I am open to all possibilities and welcome all money-making ideas, opportunities and resources into my life.
I can make money easily, I have the ability to make money easily, I am allowed to make money easily.

Hunab Ku | Gold energy orgonite pyramid with Citrine Quartz, White Crystal,Enhance business luck,Attract money


This orgone energy pyramid has an extremely noble and brilliant luster, which can bring confidence, courage and wealth. It can maintain the courage to break through difficulties when facing difficulties, be firm and decisive when making decisions, and can also help improve concentration. , keep clear thoughts at all times.

1. Symbolizes wealth and helps to attract unexpected wealth or partial wealth.
2. Can bring confidence and courage
3. Increase positive and optimistic attitude
4. Helps focus and self-discipline

Corresponds to the third chakra of the seven chakras – navel chakra/sun chakra/stomach chakra

The solar plexus chakra is the “power center”, and Manipura’s Sanskrit meaning is “the seat of gems”

The so-called alchemy is to put basic metals into molten fire and refine them into gold. This chakra is the seat of alchemy in the human body. All impurities are burned away with fire, leaving behind the pure gold self.

Governed by the element of fire, this chakra is the furnace for evolving toxins in the body. This chakra governs our strength and will and provides the fuel to complete actions.

Abundance and Wealth / Solve Problems and Start a New Start / Help with Learning / Relieve Nervous Tension / Achieve Goals and Ideals

Abundance is my birthright,
I am full of gratitude.