Love is the highest frequency in the universe.

Everything in the universe is energy,
and energy resonates at the same frequency!

ReikiOrgonite's Orgonite Energy Tower arranges crystals and metals in the proper proportion, stacking and arraying.
Flexibly combining more than 200 kinds of crystals with high vibration frequency and high energy organic products of the earth,
each piece is made with great care and attention.

Discover the predominant themes in your life at present, replenishing the missing elements of your innate destiny.
Change your destiny.

Natal Astrology Special Prayers for Orgonite

We will read the horoscope based on your birth time information (date, time, place), combine it with horoscope analysis, and find the orgonite necklace or orgone energy pyramid that suits you according to the defective parts of the horoscope.

The orgonite selected according to the horoscope can help balance the missing innate elements in your natal horoscope and improve the overall energy and fortune. Daily use can assist in the improvement of comprehensive strength, promote self-integration, improve the fortune and health effects of the elements in the horoscope, and supplement Boost your own energy.

Because we will select for you based on your natal horoscope analysis, you need to fill in your birth time information (date, birth time, location) on the order submission page when submitting an order. After we receive your order, we will arrange to analyze your natal chart. You will receive a simple natal chart report and an orgone pendant/orgonite pyramid selected exclusively for you.

This price includes an orgonite and a natal chart analysis report. Therefore, it is different from the price sold on online websites.

Walk on the path of light,
Meditate and connect with the energy of sacred geometry healing paintings,

The regret of facing the dark side of ourselves leads us into confession, healing and restoration.
By finding our truest selves through meditation symbols,
our souls will resonate with certain totems or frequencies.
Leading us into our inner selves; while also unlocking memories at the spiritual level.
Strengthen your spiritual power by opening your mind again and again,
Help us eliminate existing patterns and behaviors and make clearer decisions and changes.

Through high-frequency vibrating geometric figures,
we can realize the energy of warmth and wonderful love,
allowing us to get closer to the dreams and wishes we long for in our hearts.

Take a tour of sacred geometry,
You will discover the beauty of sacred geometry and its magical uses in life,
At the same time, observe the vibration of your own chakras,
and you will be incredibly moved and shake your heart and soul.
and touch upon aspects of the soul—called to connect with sacred geometry totems.

Our souls will resonate with certain images or frequencies.
Through meditation, we will experience the powerful power of sacred geometry, which will lead us into our inner true self, transcend religious limitations, and allow people to receive the power and presence of sacred geometry energy connection.
Meditate back to the most basic graphics of life, clear your mind, enhance your creativity, and discover different aspects of yourself.

I wish you all the best to find your truest self.

Sacred geometry is the foundation of universal energy and the foundation of consciousness.

Sacred geometry can help us get rid of old patterns and behaviors, and make clearer decisions and changes.
Through high-frequency vibrating geometry, we deeply understand the energy of warmth and wonderful love.
When the sacred geometry abides in In our lives,
we will be able to adjust our energy field and achieve a balance of body, mind and soul.
All truth and wisdom, abundance and richness are within the.

Universal energy is the source of all life!

Orgonite energy is a kind of energy, another name for the etheric energy that fills the universe and everything in our bodies. Orgonite energy also represents what we call Reiki energy, Prana, bio magnetic energy, Qi, soft electrons, life force, and so on. (Qi), soft electrons (soft electrons), life force (life force) ….
Orgonite is a kind of energy converter, composed of metal, crystals and organic products, it is a kind of equipment running on the basis of etheric energy. Orgonite can release Oregon energy when it is stimulated by other energies, and it can do energy conversion, and it is good at converting negative energy into positive energy to maintain a healthy and harmonious state. It specializes in converting negative energy into positive energy, maintaining a healthy and harmonious state.
Orgonite is very practical and has a wide range of applications, including health restoration and medical physics.

With the ingenuity of a reiki master,
orgonite can be a beautiful ornament in addition to its own high-frequency energy.

Pyramid does not equal orgonite.
The pyramid is just the most popular orgonite shape (appearance).

Spherical, square, or other special shapes can also be orgonite as long as they comply with the principles.
The characteristic of Orgonite is that it can continuously turn various energies of the soul into positive ones,
purify the environmental aura, promote the flow of energy magnetic field, and thus balance the energy of the space.
Universal energy is the source of all life!

Arranges crystals and metals in the proper proportion, stacking and arraying.

Sacred symbols are usually used as the theme.
The symbols are not necessarily religious, but are about love, spirit animals, the universe and different dimensions.
For this purpose we have searched and examined the manuscripts of shamans from the last century to find more than 200 different totems of sacred geometric symbols, which are regularly updated.
orgone pyramid
100% high frequency Certified Genuine materials

Flexibly combining more than 200 kinds of crystals with high vibration frequency and high energy organie products of the earth, each piece is made with great care and attention.

All truth and wisdom, abundance and richness are within the.

Universal energy is the source of all life!

In the process of making the Orgonite, the whole process is frequency tuned, using Reiki, Chanting Balsams, Quantum FM, Sunshine, Mantras, Jiao Jiao, etc. for purification and blessing. During the process and after the completion of the artwork, the sunlight, the moon, the sunny forests, the clear streams and waterfalls will continue to infuse the artwork with full energy, so that the users of AVG can receive never-ending energy, light and love.
The universe is one, everything is connected.

What can orgonite bring to your life?

The crystal energy stored in Orgonite can be infused through your love and peace,
and it can cultivate your own high frequency and positive energy for a long time. Your energy will become more and more stable.
→Infinite energy, endless supply, put it on your left hand and make a wish, it can help your wish come true.


Helps with balancing the energies of the chakras, comprehension/awareness/ spirituality/manifestation Enhances self-confidence and courage, creates flow channels, clears blockages, connects to higher realms, accesses positive positive forces, helps us tune in to frequencies.

Healing body, mind and soul

Eliminate unnecessary worry and anxiety. Improves anxiety, fatigue and energy depletion; strengthens personal magnetism, enhances life energy and good fortune; opens up the closed ego and soothes negative emotions; and good fortune.

Bring love into your life

Heal the energy of the heart chakra, open the heart chakra, and gain the power of love. Cultivate the ability to give yourself love, achieve our inner warmth and the power to warm others, nourish yourself and others.
Break through and change yourself, and create a new life.

Connect with Nature

Being in nature allows us to focus more on the present moment, frees the mind from the minutiae of daily life, and helps you feel like you are part of something bigger.
Feel the beauty and harmony of nature, reduce negative emotions and enhance positive emotions.


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